A Post-rock band that focus on tight structures, the distortion v clean contrast and maintaining an ambient atmosphere.


We began playing and jamming together about 4 years ago in school with no serious intentions. We officially formed 2 years ago, intent on making something different to what was revolving around Dingwall and the local area. We have been writing, recording tracks with Robbie Dunsmore and Gareth Ince at Highland Alternative Music in Dingwall. . We cite bands such as Tool, Mogwai, Pelican, Isis and Russian Circles as influences and have played a number of gigs with local band Shutter. Our music often has a very atmospheric, ambient feel which is broken up by heavier rhythmic passages and distorted, melodic riffs. We're looking to expand upon our good experiences in the pubs and clubs of Edinburgh, Inveress and Thurso while also extending our presence to larger venues and festivals!


Nothing properly realeased (just a small EP) due to lack of recording facilities.

Set List

Most of our gigs are in the region of 30 to 45 minutes (although a show of an hour is easily achievable) and our songs tend to be past the 6 minute mark.