Nashville, Tennessee, USA

The speed and precision of The Minutemen with the melodic gold of They Might Be Giants. Throw in Yo La Tengo and Pavement and you're on the right track.


Chris Hargrow (guitar, vocals) and Greg Wagner (bass, vocals) had played together for several years in the instrumental noise-rock band Garage Sale, while Paul Spivey (drums) had previously played with Hargrow in the short-lived indie pop band, Something. The three came together as Ocelots in Nashville, TN in mid 2001 and released their first cd, The Truth About Ocelots in July, 2002. They continued writing and performing through several years of members living in various states. In 2005, all three members were back in Nashville and the band released their second album, If Lightning Strikes Us Both.
After 9 years, Ocelots are still going strong. In 2010, they will be releasing a brand new ep called "Satan's Darts" and touring to support the record.


The Truth About Ocelots (2002)
The Truth About Christmas (2004)-limited edition ep; out of print
If Lightning Strikes Us Both (2005)
The Cellar and the Ghost Have Let Us Down (Sept 2008) via Grand Palace Records
Satan's Darts (June 2010) - ep