Ochi is has a soulful voice, a humorous style and smooth style. She catches her listeners off guard with lyrics that stick in the brain. Her music is not conventional and neither are her lyrics. She's the new, old school R & B, fused with lesbian humor.


Ochi was born in Beaumont, Texas into a musical family. She began her career, singing gospel at the age of 4. By age 6 she was singing solo. She sang gospel until the ripe, old age of 18 when she left the church. In the years that followed, Ochi explored various genres, vocal styles, languages, cultures, and “women”. Ochi heard about “the gay lifestyle” and wanted to know what that meant. By the mid-80's music took a back seat while she devoted several years, many long exhaustive, nights, evenings and weekends exploring the lesbian community. The results of which produced an 8 year, same gender marriage, and 4 children. Yes! They were the ideal family; 2-parent home, kids, a dog, mini-van, and scheduled sex every Wednesday and Sunday.
Introduced to West African drumming in 1999, Ochi performed with several West African Troupes until she realized the music was one sided. So she embarked on a solo career armed with a mission to make music that reflected her entire being. Ochi has launched her very own, ONE WOMAN COMPAIGN called, “TAKE BACK THE MUSIC!” Using humor, relevant topics and good music she hopes to spread her message of love, harmony, peace, and wellness.
“We just don’t have enough same gender, affirming music, that celebrates our lives, loves, and contributions!” So hold your bonnet and clutch your pearls. She caters to lesbians. Ochi is humorous and never obscene. Her wit is clever and never lame. She’s political, a little radical and most definitely entertaining.


Sleepless, Hand Technique, and Just Ochi
Currently being played on Rainbow World Radio, from the Just Ochi CD, Out & Proud, A Million Colorz, Let Me Into Your World Remix/

Set List

The average set is 30-45 minutes.

Set List
When I Was 6
I Like What I Like
Hold Me
Low Down Lover
Treasured Rendezvous
Tell Me Your Name
Hand Technique