Seattle, Washington, USA

"I did not expect this: densely layered live and synthesized instrumentation in modal sentences, a visceral experience, and an album that makes even experimental hiphop gems… seem like child’s play." - Sean Jewell (The Stranger)


OCnotes, AKA Otis Calvin III, is a Seattle-based producer/singer/MC/multi/multi/instrumentalist (playing 12 instruments at last count)—in the past described in local press as a cross between Madlib and Mos Def, a reductive tag (you'd probably want to add equal parts Daedelus, Dungeon Family and Cody ChesnuTT to get closer to the fact) but a handy enough reference. His solo work and collaborations with such Seattle vibe-setters as THEESatisfaction have made him a darling of the Emerald City's most forward-listening. The latest (and greatest) addition to his already sizable, self-released catalogue is Pre Future Post Modern Love Songs AKA AlienBootyBass.

The titular genre premise implied by AlienBootyBass is a playful jab at the minds that have to swaddle art in preconceptions and labels for them to feel comfortable around it in the first place. Far from such, OCnotes is in fact one of Seattle's most genre-flouting artists—and Pre Future Post Modern Love Songs ambitiously (not to mention credibly) weaves acid-house workouts ("Bayside Funk"), scratchy basement-demo alt-rock ("Red Alert Song"), and psilocybinized trip-pop ("The Science") into a cohesive, half-instrumental-mental headtrip straight to the depths of OC's innerspace. That's just scratching the surface—easily a half-dozen dizzying new dimensions are glimpsed throughout it's 32-minute running time.

The artist's yearning for connection and understanding is palpable, though, even through his music's obscurant waves of sweet, purplish haze; "please get yourself together", he winsomely drags, over the hypnotic opener "A.S.P.O.W.T." It's in these smoky, freaky serenades ("Morgan Free & ODB", "Why Do Birds") where OCnotes' fractured, dreamy brilliance is the most accessible, on this, his brightest and tightest work yet.


This is Your Brain on Drugs (2005)
OCnotes is....At it Again (2006)
Black Diamond & Blueberry Blunt (2006)
Gems & Hymns vol. 1,2, & 3 (2006)
Nathaniel Nathaniel, True Tales of a Narcoleptic (2007)
Greetings from the Ninth Dimension (2007)
OCnotes in...the Nomadic Period (2007)
Ill G Sektion (2008)
Yes...it Hurts (2008)
Alien Taxi Service (2008)
Room Service (2008)
We Made it! (2008)
Crater Nate (2009)
Random Happenings in Space & Time (2009)
Dap Confuser (2009)
No Bake Cookie Mix (2009)
Linus Aristotles Hydroponic Explosion (2009)
Smoke Shop Sessions (2009)
Daddy Does Disney (2009)
Christmas on the Moon (2009)
Doo Doo (2010)
Cover Me...I'm Goin In (2010)
Juice (2010)
The Glamour ReWorks (2010)
Metal Chocolates (2011)
Medicine (2011)
Secret Society (2011)
The New Generation (embracing the new age) (2011)
Emerald City Sequence (2012)
Moldavite (2012)
Pre Future Post Modern Love Songs aka AlienBootyBass (2012)

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