Johnson City, Tennessee, USA

We play a heavy instrumental kind of music that's rock, psychedelic, dark, dynamic, and fun. We like to use lots of ambience and different noises to paint something with sound. All of us come from the same town, essentially, & feel like we've found something cool, here in this band.


Ocoai is a 5 piece instrumental band from East Tennessee, formed in the summer of 2006. They are signed to Missing Words Records in Southern California, and record at Fahrenheit Studios in Johnson City, TN. Their sound has been called everything from post rock & doom metal to Pink Floyd killing a dinosaur. Whatever the categories they've been put into, mainy they're a loud rock band that loves what they do & the bandmates they're doing it with. Having started as a 4 piece, losing an original member & gaining 2 new ones, Ocoai have a sound that has evolved over its six year life span.

Live, they incorporate guitars, drums, cello, & keys, while in the studio they've been known to include violin, synth, percussion, & many other noise making devices in their music. Whether performing in a club or creating in the studio, Ocoai is making music that they enjoy, regardless of the consequences or categorization.

They have a debut album, released in 2008, entitled Breatherman. In the early spring of 2010 they released a split with other bands from around their East Tennessee home. It is called Peacecreature, and has music from Panzer, Dormia, and Generation of Vipers. Their most recent album, The Electric Hand was released in the spring of 2011.

Hopefully listeners will gather joy from what they do & spread both the feelings they experience & the music that stirred those emotions. That is what Ocoai is all about.


Full Lengths:
The Electric Hand

Split Releases:

Falling Down I
Falling Down II

Set List

typically, we play the highlights of our newest album, in order. occasionally we will encore with a track from a previous release, most often something not on one of our full length releases, but something only available on a split or a compilation.

Right now it would go something like this:

Niveus Hills
La Main dÉlectrique
Sleep Dealer and then, maybe

Demon sur la Colline or