O'Combo is a Folk-Rock, Blues band from Colorado. Our love of music challenges us to be the best WE can be. But making music is not a competition between us and other bands; it's about playing [music] with our friends and moving toward our goal of "Putting the Art Back into the Music."


Begin with raw vocals and provocative, relevant lyrics. Underscore everything with a driving beat, slick guitar riffs, and haunting harmonica melodies. Then throw in a voluptuous sax, harmony that is both rich and inviting, along with the occasional tambourine, mandolin, and pennywhistle. The result is O'Combo, a hot young group on the Boulder music scene.

“We believe that music shouldn't be a competition; it should be a harmonious blend of honesty and creativity. When we all get together we experience something that we call "humane music".”

O'Combo is a work in progress. In the past year they have gone from playing Longmont coffee houses and book stores to Colorado venues such as: the Aggie Theater, the Rock N Soul Cafe, Cricket on the Hill, and Herman's Hideaway. Since recording their first CD, they have become better musicians and have grown tighter as a group. In this age of digital static and cyber downloads they are honoring the traditions of live music on stage in front of an audience, a concept that is quickly becoming a lost art.


"...Back to the Sensitive Grounds" August 2007 (Our 1st EP)

Set List

Our set lists change from show to show, but we almost always do an acoustic and electric set. A typical 45 minute set list would look something like this:
Back to The Sensitive Ground
Room to Grow
You Will Never Know
Can't Be tamed
Something More
Rebe Head Blues
Answer Room
Mr. Johnson

*We try to play a new covers each time. Recent covers include; For What It's Worth, All Along the Watchtower, Mary Jane's Last Dance, Let it Be, and 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.