O' Corleone

O' Corleone

 Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Have you seen hip hop performed with a live band. Well that is what O' corleone does. He has a very smooth flow followed with some heart bumpin beats. Check out his show!


O comes from the third coast. Represented by some of the finest producer in the area. He has a gudda mental with a players resolve. Please beleive it. O' Corleone came up in the streets of Benton Harbor, Mich there he became known as a rapper and a major player. O' Corleone and his group members consist of Marinetti and Carlo Menotti performed in every night club in there hometown and traveled to different cities around the area just to rap with or against other artist O' Corleone and group caught the attention of local producer J- ott and C. America and went into production. Since O has built a fan base in the midwest He and his group are set to perform all summer with events starting on june 3 continuing up til October O' Corleone talks about struggle, gettin money and his real comrads.


O'Corleone's debut cd is available at cdbaby.com, Towerrecords.com, myweighrecords.com and in major stores. Also available for ringtones and mp-3 download at Itunes.com, and other online digital music distributors.Appearences on mix cd's Dist. by Michiana Undergroung ent. Performances at the Superfest in BH,MI
Up coming album release 2006, with 16 tracks most noted be my boo, make em bounce and be with you With 3 songs on local radio stations, O' Corleone is getting regional attention. Recently asked to perform in superfest July 1st in BH Mich And features on 4 cds to be released this summer O' Corleone stays busy in the studio and the streets

Set List

With a play list of 6 to 10 powerful songs. Sets range between 25 to 75 minutes long depending on time restraints. All songs are original With as many as 3 members assisting in stage performance. All music supplied, along with band and equipment.