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This band has not uploaded any videos



"lovin it"

gets me up and moving with a fat smile on my face. Nice funky hip hop,a soundtrack for your summer.... - cdbaby


United By Divided Styles 2006
Outta Control 2007



Outta Control (O.C.T.) is an independent high-energy hip hop group with an un-matched work ethic that was formed in South Lake Tahoe, California, and currently located in San Diego, California. The group consists of four members: brothers P.P. and Z-Jones, Timmy B and D.J. Phlip. While they all currently live in southern California, the members are from all over the country: PP and Z-Jones were born in Chicago and moved to Detroit in 1999, D.J.Phlip is from New York and Timmy B has lived everywhere from Chicago to Detroit and even did a 3 year stay in England. This diversity brings a great range and many different styles to the groups’ sound which has been described as having a great “Party Vibe” and has been compared to artists such as the Beastie Boys, Swollen Members and Jurassic 5. Although the music has a “feel good vibe”, focusing on the lyrics will allow you to discover O.C.T.’s heart and ability to musically discuss REAL topics to which REAL people can relate. O.C.T. is one of a kind as evidenced through their high energy, fast paced live shows. P.P.’s dominance on guitar and Timmy B’s evident gift as a bassist and keyboard player gives them a clear advantage over the average hip hop group both during live performances and while working in the studio. O.C.T. performs with a live drummer when possible, adding a whole new dimension to the performance. P.P. and Z-Jones have been playing guitar and writing songs for over 10 years together . Timmy B and D.J. Phlip also have over ten years playing experience as bassist and D.J., respectively. The group has been influenced by all genres of music, including artists ranging from Steve Miller and Slightly Stoopid, to Jay-Z and Ludacris. They are firm believers that all types of music should be respected as they all require talent and strength to be created and shared. During the bands’ three year career they have made some truly impressive accomplishments. They have performed with artists such as Swollen Members, Sweatshop Union, Living Legends, Mixmaster Mike of the Beastie Boys, Zion I, The Alchemist, Dilated Peoples, Tech 9ne, The Coup and many others. They have been asked to perform at the Source Magazine Source of Hip Hop Unsigned-Hype Tour show in San Francisco in September of 2007, as well as, an additional Source show on June 21st 2008 at the House Of Blues in San Diego. Prior to performing with well-known artists the group labored every day for 2 years in Lake Tahoe performing independent shows at local bars and gaining a fan base, which they continue to do in their new hometown of San Diego. Outta Control has also been honored to do collaborations with platinum recording artist Mad Child of Swollen Members, Luckyiam and Sunspot Jonz of Living Legends, Metty from Sweatshop Union and Marty James of One Block Radius are all featured on their latest self-titled release “OUTTA CONTROL”, which was released December of 2007 and is available on CD Baby, iTunes, MySpace, Mad About Music (Lake Tahoe) and Access Hip Hop (San Diego). Their first CD, titled “United By Divided Styles” was released in 2006 and while none remain for purchase, all the tracks are available for free download at O.C.T.’s website (www.oct-music.com). Outta Control is proud to be sponsored by clothing companies Delta Nine and Vanguard as well as Stone Cutters Glass. Currently, the band is booked for the Music for Hunger Tour 2008 which is scheduled to start late summer '08 and are very eager to establish their future in music.