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San Antonio, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013

San Antonio, Texas, United States
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Alternative Rock




"SA's Octahedron is a Finalist in Unsigned Artists Competition"

"As finalists in the San Antonio Music Awards 2014 for best keyboardist and indie band, Octahedron have proved themselves to the local music community and beyond." - SA Current

"Oaktopia - The Little Festival That Could"

"A band that truly caught our attention was a San Antonio-based band called, Octahedron. Even though this was their first festival, you would never see it by their stage presence and interaction with the audience. Being new to the festival scene, Lead Vocalist Elena Lopez couldn’t help but marvel of how 'Welcoming' Oaktopia has been to them, while guitarist Austin Jimison remarked at how 'receptive everyone has been' and the 'environment was amazing.' Octahedron’s sweet melodic melodies and depth of verse really drew in the crowds and carried us through the evening. Even though they have been together only a year, one could easily mistake their style and stage confidence for a much more seasoned band." - Sofa King News

"25 Indie Music Artists Worth Paying For"

"December -- I love the bright, echoey guitar atop somber piano in this song. Another independent music act that I would describe as introspective ("save me from my own head"--what a great line) and I love every second of this song." - nonhollywood.com


"Octahedron are not as geometrically predictable as their chosen name implied, with soaring and soaring post rock littering their sound. Fronted by the sensational Elena Lopez, the quartet “make music to make life better”, and their talent certainly acts as a comfort blanket to those who tune in. A self-proclaimed live band, they can be found strumming the streets and rocking the venues of their hometown San Antonio, Texas." - Drunken Werewolf


Still working on that hot first release.



Octahedron is an indie pop group from San Antonio, TX. The band is made up of lead vocalist and keyboardist Elena Lopez, bassist Ruben Lopez, vocalist and guitarist Austin Jimison, and drummer Daniel Puente. The band also incorporates other instruments, such as ukulele and synths, usually played by Elena and Austin. 

Octahedron formed in July 2013. Elena Lopez and her brother Ruben Lopez had been members of Invision Love, another San Antonio band. Elena had a clear vision for the kind of music she wanted to create and after discussion with Invision Love leader Seth Shaw she made the decision to begin her own project. Ruben briefly considered staying with Invision Love, but ultimately decided to continue playing with Elena.

At one of their previous band’s final shows together they met drummer Daniel Puente, who was filling in. Daniel had previously been associated with another local band, Jacob and the Inhumanes. Elena knew immediately that she wanted to have Daniel as the drummer for her new project and extended an invitation to him to join them. For their first show they included Paul Cadena on guitar and Danielle Saathoff on violin. 

After a series of rehearsals and writing sessions, the band landed on the name “Octahedron,” which was a reference to a lyric from a song that was written while Ruben and Elena were with their previous band. This lineup debuted in July 2013, but after a couple of events it became clear that Paul, who at that time was attached to another project, would not be able to continue and departed the band.

Elena posted a notice on Facebook that she was looking for a guitarist for her newly formed band. Austin Jimison, formerly of Room 635, responded that he was interested in joining the lineup. After some conversation it was clear that Austin would be a great fit for what Elena envisioned in her head for Octahedron.

The five-person line up of Elena, Ruben, Austin, Danielle and Daniel played their first show at Harmony Sweet in New Braunfels, TX in July 2013, but this version of Octahedron would be short-lived. Danielle, the violinist, realized that she did have the same passion toward pursuing a career in music and departed after only one performance. This resulted in the current lineup of Elena, Ruben, Austin, and Daniel.

Since solidifying their lineup Octahedron has worked tirelessly writing and performing. They have played an average of one show a week and are always developing new material. The band has opened for larger acts, such as the Rocketboys, as well as out of town bands such as Rare Monk of Portland and Los Angeles-based Cobalt Cranes. They have also been noted in local and national publications. In 2014 they placed second in the Unsigned Artists Competition, sponsored by the Recording Conservatory of Austin, out of a field that began with over 400 bands from all around Texas.

Octahedron is also committed to using their platform to contribute to the community. They have been involved in projects that have assisted the San Antonio Food Bank and a local homeless program. They will often note that they are "making music to make life better."

While still a young band, they are already garnering attention for their unique style, lyrical depth and musical prowess. Elena, Ruben, Austin and Daniel never fail to impress wherever they play and they look forward to working hard to make great music for years to come.

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