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Octave One


Octave One is a electronic band based in Detroit, MI. Thier music is based in Detroit Techno (they are known as pioneers of the genre) but incorporates soul, house, and hip hop into thier own unique sound. (also known as: Random Noise Generation)


Octave One - the bio

Debuting with “I Believe” on the monumental (10 Records) compilation “Techno 2: The Next Generation” (alongside Carl Craig, Marc Kinchen, and Jay Denham) in 1990. Octave One is the brainchild of the phenomenal native sons of Detroit, MI (USA), the Burden Brothers. The core unit of the band, made up of Lenny and Lawrence Burden (with revolving members of Lynell, Lorne, and Lance Burden), have had the privilege of touring live and Djing throughout the world, including the countries of Germany, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Vienna, The Netherlands), the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Malaysia, Japan, the US, and Russia, among many other places.

Throughout their careers they have worked with such artists as Derrick May, Underground Resistance, Eddie Fowlkes, Juan Atkins, Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir, Members of the House, Terrence Parker, and The Martian (Red Planet). They have remixed tracks for such artists as Massive Attack, Akabu (Joey Negro), DJ Rolando (Jaguar), Steve Bug, John Thomas, The Trampps, Rhythm is Rhythm, and Inner City. The legendary Jeff Mills also asked them to be the special suprise guest on his DVD "The Exhibitionist". The guys performed a specially composed live set (under thier 'sample twisting' alter ego Random Noise Generation) for the project.

The brothers have released groundbreaking underground dance anthems on their own Detroit based record label, 430 West Records. These releases include Random Noise Generation’s "Falling in Dub" (the other Burden brother moniker), DJ Rolando’s “Jaguar”, Aux 88’s “My A.U.X. Mind” (on the 430 West sister label Direct Beat), as well as their own Octave One records: “Empower”, “Nicolette”, ‘The X-files”, “Meridian”, and ‘Siege”. Since 1990, the Burden brothers have released over one hundred records.

2000 brought the biggest Octave One release to date, "Blackwater". The track has appeared on almost 30 compilation albums worldwide (with comp sales approaching one million collectively). It has been released domestically in 5 countries (US, UK, Spain, Germany, and Australia). The track has also been a favorite on the decks of some of the world’s best known DJs, Little Louie Vega, Danny Teneglia, Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, Jonathan Peters, Laurent Garnier, among many, many others. “Blackwater” became a new turning point for the brothers.

Slowing down the operations of the label, in 2002, the brothers re-entered the studio. This time with the mindset for a new sound; it came in the form of their first proper album, “The Theory of Everything”. This project teamed them up once again with vocalist and writing partner Ann Saunderson (the voice behind “Blackwater”). Filling out the production, they also teamed up with new vocalists Vonnica Jones (cousin to the boys), Delano Tyler (long time mate), and emcee P.Gruv (of Hypnotech Records). Along for the ride also came the london based 12 piece Urban Soul Orchestra for a special ‘Strings Mix’ of “Blackwater”. “The Theory” is a electronic blend of many different genres. According to the brothers, “All music connects, intersects. It’s an energy that should not be restrained by labels and borders.” Displaying their distinctive electronic soul vibe, Octave One’s “The Theory of Everything” is slated for worldwide release in July 2005.

Octave One “Theory Tour” 2005
Completed Dates: Oiartzun(Spain), Leeds, London (UK), Helsinki (Finland), Glascow (Scotland), Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo, Fukuoka (Japan), Seattle, WA (USA)
Upcoming Dates: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo (Brazil), Riga (Latvia), Detroit, MI(USA), Barcelona (Spain), more to be added.

430 West Records, LTD.
Ph: 313.342.6425, Fax: 342.3587
email: info@430west.com


Release Name (format) Releasing Label (Country)

I Believe (12") Transmat
I Believe (12") 430 West (US)
Octivation EP (12") 430 West (US)
The X Files (2x12") 430 West (US)
Conquered Nation (12") 430 West (US)
Cymbolic (2x12") 430 West (US)
Foundation EP (12") 430 West (US)
Images From Above (2x12") 430 West (US)
Point-Blank (12") 430 West (US)
The Living Key (2x12") 430 West (US)
The Living Key (To Images From Above) (CD) 430 West (US)
Aztlan / DayStar Rising (12") Underground Resistance/430 West (US)
The Collective (CD) 430 West (US)
The Collective (2x12") 430 West (US)
Art And Soul (12") 430 West (US)
Blackwater (12") 430 West (US)
Blackwater (CD5")(12") Concept Music (UK)
Blackwater (12") Vendetta Records (Spain)
Blackwater (CD5") Tinted Records (Austrailia)
Blackwater (2x12") Voidcom (Germany)
Blackwater (12") Concept Music (UK)
Blackwater (Alter Ego Remixes) (12")(CD5") Voidcom (Germany)
The Theory Of Everything (CD) Concept Music (UK)
The Theory Of Everything (3xLP) Concept Music (UK)
Somedays (12") 430 West (US)

as Random Noise Generation
Falling In Dub (12") 430 West (US)
Falling In Dub (12") Outer Rhythm (UK)
Falling In Dub (12")(CD5") Low Spirit Recordings (Germany)
Falling In Dub (The Remixes) (12") 430 West (US)
Falling In Dub (The Remixes) (12") Buzz (Belgium)
Random Beats & Track I & II (2xLP) 430 West (US)
Random Beats & Tracks Vol. 3 (12") 430 West (US)
Generations Of Soul (12") 430 West (US)
The Legacy (12") 430 West (US)
Instrument Of Change (12") 430 West (US)
The Existence Of Echelon (12") 430 West (US)
Links In The Chain (2x12") (CD) 430 West (US)
The Unknown (12") 430 West (US)
A Better Tomorrow / Roof Raiser (12") 430 West (US)
Rock My Soul/PMP (12") 430 West (US)

Set List

Band performs a 1 to 1.5 hour set of unreleased and classic Octave One and Random Noise Generation tracks.