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Indelible Days

Written By: Octavia

Indelible Days Music and Lyrics by Octavia ©

"I wrote thiw song for soldiers and their loved
ones left behind. If reason, honesty, wisdom,
and compassion were the law in the "new
world order," war would no longer exist. Imagine!" Octavia

Here I stand as the plane takes you from me.
Heart in hand crushed from thoughts of what may not be.
The love we shared was a once in a lifetime for me.
How we cared, Darlin' your love gave me songs to sing.

Indelibe days have past.
The sweet spell of memories you have cast.
In my heart Darlin' you remain.
Cause lovin you, lovin you, lovin you I'll never be the same.

Tho life has taken you far from me,
In my heart Darlin' you will always be.
Each time I gaze up on the stars above,
I know exactly where you are my love.
Can't stand the feelin of livin' all alone,
Darlin' without you here in our home.

You had to leave I know, but I feel you everywhere I go.
Our Hero Eagles wing to let, to let Freedom Ring!

(Instrumental Section)
(Chorus) End