OC the Great

OC the Great

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New. Fresh. East Coast Trap Music.


Born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, raised in the streets of Plainfield, NJ, OC the Great has seen it all. The 22 year old New Jersey native releases his debut offering to world, The Price Is Right. Tired of the traditional mixtape approach, OC the Great decided to put together a cd full of original music and artwork. With witty punchlines and remarkable wordplay his style his timeless and reminisent of the greats that came before him.


Album: The Price Is Right
Singles: Boss, Fresh, Gettn F'd Up, Business As Usual

Set List

Boss, Fresh, Gettn F'd Up, Business As Usual. I can pretty much rock for up to an hour. Just let me kno how much time I have and I'll make it work.