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The October

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Brilliant Bits of Light"

"Bye Bye Beautiful starts with a sound that just feels like music that I want to listen to. It’s definitely a throwback to the darker ‘80s – not goth, but more of a darkwave Britpop stargaze shimmer. Echo & The Bunnymen, The Church, Flock of Seagulls… that kind of shadowed but bright guitar strum and shine that brings up brilliant bits of light while the bass and the call of the vocals keep the shadows in full force." - The Red Alert

"Electronic Pop Scene"

"The October is a brave band that comes so close to being retro, yet doesn’t cross the line, managing to pull off all the best things about the 1980s electronic pop scene without falling into throwback territory." -

"A Great Idea Gelling"

"Nothing compares to the feeling of a great idea finally gelling. It’s a mixture of smug I-told-you-so satisfaction and confidence-boosting accomplishment. Dustin Burnett, guitarist and vocalist for the October, surely knows the feeling. When he started developing ideas and songs for a new band, he didn’t have any members, so he recorded most every instrument to be heard on 2004’s Push Me Off the Side of the Earth himself. The record worked as a recruiter, and before long the October had moved beyond concept status to being an actual band." - LEO Weekly

"Dark and Lush Music"

"The October has a knack for crafting dark and lush music. They overtly display this talent on Bye Bye Beautiful. Each song soars from the opening guitar chords to the final climactic notes." -

"Art Rock, Epic Vocals"

"Retro-sounding art rock with great guitars and epic vocals." - Hybrid

"Seductive & Emotional"

“Seductive live performances and emotional lyrics.” - CMJ

"Fall in Love with Music"

“Finally, a band that will make people fall in love with music all over again!” -


Lost Since Graduation (2007)
Bye Bye Beautiful (2006)
Push Me Off the Side of the Earth (2004)



The October’s music tackles moments in life generally overlooked. From their catchy, hook-laden tunes to their on-fire stage show to their sharp sense of fashion, The October are both joyously timeless and irrefutably now. Boasting rich melodic guitars, soaring vocals, and a danceable drum/bass attack, this band is meant for greatness. One listen to The October’s third release, Lost Since Graduation, and you’ll be in agreement with AltSounds, who proclaimed of the Kentucky quartet, “Finally, a band that will make people fall in love with music all over again!”

The music of The October feels like the soundtrack to life: searching for meaning between graduation and adulthood, yet returning to the comfort and nostalgia of a broken-in yearbook. The band members—Dustin Burnett (vocals, guitar, keyboards, piano), Aaron Spraggs (drums, vocals), Ryan Cain (guitar, keyboards) and Michael Lloyd (bass)—are tight onstage and off, and their shared passion shows.