October Allied

October Allied


The sound of October Allied is steeped in classic American music: rock-and-roll, blues, country, jazz, new wave, and punk. An honest reverence of their musical heritage is unmistakable, but revivalism this is not. October Allied is gritty. October Allied is sincere. October Allied is relevant.

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"October Allied" (2002) - Full length album

1. Innocent
2. Johnny Get Your Guitar
3. Specialized Times
4. Memorial Day
5. Incandescent is Better
6. #5
7. Salute
8. Five Fingers
9. I Need a Medic
10. Disrepentent
11. Retail

"Point Me South" (2006) - Full length album

1. Bad Old Days
2. Under the Flow
3. I Did Not See the Light
4. New Boot Screw
5. Are You All Right?
6. Chicken Little
7. Murder Me
8. She Left You
9. Paid in Full
10. Distraction

Set List

October Allied performances range in length from approximately 45 to 90 minutes. The set consists primarily of original material though the band maintains a repertoire of covers including:

“Good Golly Miss Molly” – Little Richard
“The Day My Baby Gave Me a Surprise” – DEVO
“It’s So Easy” – Buddy Holly and the Crickets
“Horror Business” – the Misfits
“The Broad Majestic Shannon” – the Pogues
“Roxanne” – the Police
“Ain’t to Proud to Beg” – the Temptations
“Yesterday is Here” – Tom Waits