October Babies

October Babies

 Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA

High energy Happy Music, global roots


October Babies was born by Japanese singer Toko Shiiki and bassist/arranger Erik Santos. The songwriting duo met in Tokyo in 2002 while Erik was resident composer for the notorious butoh dance/theater group Dairakudakan. When Toko moved to the US to study photography in 2005, the couple produced their debut CD "Ao-zora Radio" (Blue-sky Radio), named after Toko's monthly podcast of the same name.

Joined then by guitarist/vocalists Dale King and Mike Ouellette, and drummer/singer Ben Lorenz - the October Babies have an upbeat super-smile dance energy and so do their audiences.

Their lyrics are predominantly in Japanese, though their bright spirit is not lost in translation, with music as their vehicle. Their original songs are a catchy multilcultural potluck of rock, reggae/ska/dub, funk, jazz, R&B, techno, latin, bluegrass, drum&bass, surfpunk, hip hop, downtempo, orch pop, blues, Okinawa folk, and ... they love variety, do you?

They've won major Japanese music competitions, like J-WAVE MUSIC HYPER MARKET and Yahoo Japan Indies Jump, and Toko was voted the Outstanding World/Reggae/Ska Vocalist at the 2011 Detroit Music Awards.

Check out their cool videos, available at your local October Babies website! Go Go Go!

Their record "Keep Vibrating", released in 2013, is now available at http://www.oddfellowmusic.com/.






Keep Vibrating (2013), EP
High Hai Hi! (2010), LP
Ao-zora Radio (2007), LP
Somethin' Eternal (2007), single
Here, October Babies (2007), EP, iTunes (Japan Store)
Wa Wa Wa (2008), single
Do Do Do (2008), single
Can I Be Born Again (Again Again) (2009), single

Set List

October Babies' typical set list is 80% originals, 20% original covers.
Many songs are in Japanese, many of the English/French covers are sung in Japanese. (see below)

Set length is variable, but usually 60-90 minutes.


Untangle - October Babies
Tangerine - October Babies
I'll be There with You Again - October Babies
You're Gonna Know - October Babies
Happy Song - October Babies
Wandering - October Babies
Remember - October Babies
Keep Vibrating - October Babies
Kuru Kuru Kuru - October Babies
Wa Wa Wa - October Babies
Fleeting Love - October Babies
Can I Be Born Again? - October Babies
Where Are We Goin'? - October Babies
Let's Fly to The Moon Tonight - October Babies
Floating Soldier - October Babies
La La La - October Babies
Start Walkin' - October Babies
Go Go Go - October Babies
Someday - October Babies
Ah Ah AH! - October Babies
Ding Dong Dong - October Babies
Deep Blue - October Babies
Got me - October Babies
Hyururi - Octob