October Babies

October Babies


Upbeat Global Soul. October Babies have a unique and energetic sound, that shines brightly through their highly eclectic and multicultural repertoire. Mix of funk, R&B, reggae/dub, jazz, electronica, latin, rock, surf, blues, to name a few. Original songs+unusual covers, often sung in Japanese.


October Babies was founded by Japanese singer Toko Shiiki and bassist/arranger Erik Santos. The songwriting duo met in Tokyo in 2002 while Santos was resident composer for the spectacular butoh dance/theater group Dairakudakan. When Toko moved to the US to study photography in 2005, the couple immediately began to collaborate, and eventually produced their debut CD "Ao-zora Radio" (Blue-sky Radio), named after Toko's monthly podcast of the same name.

Joined by guitarist/vocalist Dale King, and drummer Ben Lorenz - the October Babies have a bright and energetic spirit which excites their American audiences, even though their lyrics are often in Japanese.

Their songs are a hybrid of many genres (funk, jazz, R&B, reggae/ska/dub, techno, latin, drum&bass, rock, surfpunk, hip hop, downtempo, orchestra pop, and blues, to name a few), and have won several major Japanese internet competitions, like Yahoo Japan's Indies Jump and BlogTunes.

In addition to their original songs, the band also covers a number of tunes by Japanese artists, and the American and European tunes they cover are often translated and sung in Japanese.


Ao-zora Radio (2007), LP
Somethin' Eternal (2007), single
Here, October Babies (2007), EP, iTunes (Japan Store)
Wa Wa Wa (2008), single
Do Do Do (2008), single
Can I Be Born Again (Again Again) (2009), single

Set List

October Babies' typical set list is half originals, half original covers.
Many songs are in Japanese, many of the English/French covers are sung in Japanese. (see below)

Set length is variable, usually one hour.


Got me Girl - October Babies
Hatch - October Babies
Ii te, Ii te - October Babies
Someday - October Babies
Ah Ah Ah - October Babies
Din Don Don - October Babies
Wa Wa Wa - October Babies
Fleeting Love - October Babies
Can I Be Born Again? - October Babies
Where Are We Goin'? - October Babies
Let's Fly to The Moon Tonight - October Babies
Floating Soldier - October Babies
La La La - October Babies
Do Do Do - October Babies
Start Walkin' - October Babies
Go Go Go - October Babies
After the Rain - October Babies
Tomorrow Ride - October Babies
Deep Blue - October Babies


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