Octoberman has written the newest chapter in the big book of travelling songs. Picture Woody Guthrie growing up with a healthy dose of suburban middle-class guilt/ennuie and choosing a summerlong sojourn throughout Southeast Asia, Turkey, and Europe to escape the dust-storms of his mind.


In the summer of 2003, Marc Morrissette left his full-time band, Kids These Days, behind for a 4 month backpacking sojourn throughout Southeast Asia and Europe. As soon as he returned, he rejoined the group and they toured throughout Eastern Canada, NYC, and later the West Coast of the United States. It was on all of these various journeys that Morrissette wrote the 9 tracks that make up “These Trails are Old and New”, slated for an October 2005 release on Vancouver indie collective White Whale Records.

The off-and-on yearlong recording project was co-produced by James Henderson and places Morrissette’s decidedly melancholic vocals and lightly strummed guitars front and center. Taking the 'less is more' approach to recording, the instrumentation is remarkably spare and is accented only by the odd stroke of mandolin, saxophone, keyboards, cello, glockenspiel on top of a minimalist rhythm section (if there's any at all). Influences range from the golden singer-songwriter era's Leonards and Dylans all the way to the quiet 90's indie renaissance leaders such as Malkmus and Sparklehorse.

Watch for the stripped-down Octoberman live show (which has recently touched down in NYC, Toronto, and Vancouver), coming soon to a cafe or bar nearest you.



Written By: Marc Morrissette

she came out at 8pm
started screaming 'bout Americans
every single night at 8pm
she got mad at the China Man
so i'm shutting the doors on Vietnam
so pull out your book and try to remain calm
he showed up for a pint of beer
until she came out and proper made things clear

but Mama said put a flag on your back
a daytrain to Haarlem i've got this flag on my back
i met a dairy farmer, she had a flag on her back
x-pat from Regina he said he never looked back

but in the Paradiso let's go back downstairs
and move up to the front that's where the people care
that's where the people care

then he passed out at 8pm
either from boredom or too much gin
he asked me if i paid my fare
a flag on my back and it was all laissez-faire
then he asked me about those great outdoors
if it's true that we don't lock doors
flag on my back meant to take a seat
she couldn't feel her hand so we had to hit the street

but Brucey don't need a flag on his back
'don't mess with Texas' this is the flag on his back
but in your own country, who needs a flag on your back?
2 years in China, he said ne never looked back. don't look back

but in the paradiso let's go back upstairs
and move up to the front that's where the people care. that's where the people care

In a perfect world

Written By: Marc Morrissette

in a perfect world i can fall asleep
and the word i give will be the word i keep
in a perfect world people smile and wave
and the quiet life is the life you crave in a perfect world

in a perfect world anyone can fly
on a moment's whim just take it to the sky
in a perfect world you can sing with me
and we'll harmonize in a perfect key
in a perfect world

in a perfect world you'll forget my past
and you'll take my hand i won't need to ask
in a perfect world i don't need no help
living day to day don't need no one else. don't need no one else.

in a perfect world ain't no killing fields
ain't no shock and awe, ain't no wounds to heal
in a perfect world ain't no left and right
ain't no second class, ain't no rebel fights
in a perfect world i can fall asleep
in a perfect world help me fall asleep
'cause i can't fall asleep
i can't fall asleep.


"These Trails are Old and New" - LP
Release Date: October 2005.

Set List

Merci Cornerstore
Face on my smile
Paper Rock Scissors
Walking Time
Impossible Way
In a perfect world
I'm Not Drunk

Set list consists of 9 songs at 45 minutes.