Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

Formed in 2008 on the shores of South Carolina, this five-piece is sure to bring the party to wherever they travel!


Formed by the sea in early 2008 with cousins John Pruitt and Clay Carlisle joining along with Daniel Martin and Darrin Cripe to become it's founding core. Through tragedy and success, the band lost a beloved brother and after a hiatus of rest and recollection, continued his legacy. Today, they are Daniel Martin, Christopher Wilson, Darrin Cripe, Clay Carlisle, and Blake Ratliffe.

In the winter of 2010 the band performed in the heart of Columbia, South Carolina, for New Brookland Tavern’s "Battle of the Bands" and was awarded Grand prize. Of the 40 bands competing, the judges stated "Octopus Jones scored best overall and was the best band across the board."

Once the EP, Treat Yourself, was released (self-released / April 26, 2011) in the spring, it sparked a train of interest for the group. Octopus Jones took their show on the road with a concise tour through the Carolinas and Georgia during the summer of 2011.

In the home state of South Carolina the Jones' are becoming a household name with each passing performance. Intrigue in the band's debut record has been building not only in the Carolinas, but across the Southeast, and beyond.

The band is now beginning to see the fruits of its labor along with local news, state-wide newspapers, critics, venues, and of course, the fans.

“Octopus Jones, while from Myrtle Beach, recently stole the show at New Brookland Tavern’s Battle of the Bands, which concluded in late November. The group took home the grand prize and rightfully so. The band’s experimental rock sound is a unique blend of instrumentals and melodic vocals that definitely keep listeners on their toes.” - Sydney Patterson of The Daily Gamecock (Dailygamecock.com)

“The first blush of a budding romance between band mates gave way to songwriting, practice and then a slew of gigs… Octopus Jones’ music offers a refreshing throwback to the fun new wave rock of the ’80s with a new millennium twist.” - Paul Grimshaw of The Sun News (Thesunnews.com)

“It’s every band's goal to get the audience into a show and have them dancing around and no one pulls that off better than Octopus Jones. We had the opportunity to see them at The Elbow Room a couple of months back with The Dirty White and they quickly won us over with their sound.” - David Stringer of Scene SC (Scenesc.com)


Treat Yourself - April 2011

Set List

Val Kilmer
Johnny Carson
Hopeless Emptiness

(subject to change)