anything from athmosperic minimal to bassdriving electro and techno.


Oculus got into djing around 14 years old and was very soon playing at clubs.
Since then he has been evolving his music and performances weather it´s a dj or a live set.
Oculus music is spreading fast around the globe and is being released and scheduled on labels based in
Japan, Usa, Ireland, Germany, Canada, Poland and elsewhere.
His music style spans everything from deep atmospheric minimal to electro and hard bassheavy techno.
The live performances make room for improvisation where the music can be re-arranged and tweeked,
often with something new coming to live.


1. Surprise me - Farbenfroh Records
2. The End - minimal Communique compilation 7 - Communique records
3. Is this it - Homage Records
4. Milkwish - Poison Oculus Remix - Farbenfroh Records
5. Sometime - Catch me if you can Oculusremix

Set List

the live set is different everytime. the length is usually from 50 minutes to 2 hours