Oculus Sinister

Oculus Sinister

 San Diego, California, USA

We are a young, high energy rock quartet. We have played over 60 shows from 6th grade to 9th. We practice more than we sleep and work hard harder then anyone to achieve our goals.


The story of Oculus Sinister began at the young ages of 9. Colton Ledford and Carter Couron started killing it with only a snare, cymbal, guitar, and amp while playing tunes like Welcome to Paradise by Green Day. After several musicians and band names they finally acquired their good friend and bass player, Bryan Sipe. Since then there were known as Oculus Sinister. Little over a year later they we're performing at a massive 4th of July festival. Years passed and an album of their first ten songs was created and self titled Oculus Sinister. Their first music video was made soon after for their single Falsely Accused. When they were promoted from middle school they wrote a song, All These Years, in dedication to their teachers and students. They taught their classmates the chorus and performed it infront of hundreds of people on the promotion day. Because of their musical growth they hired a back up vocalist and guitarist, Nick Sullivan. He adds a whole new depth and aspect to their sound, creating vivd vocal and instrumental harmonies. Entering freshmen year without knowing the road ahead of them, they sweeped a Talent Show event held by Seniors. They placed third out of 40 people, and the other winners were Senior acts. These freshmen are fresh out of the studio and will blow you always with their catchy melody and strong hooks.


Oculus Sinister/ Album
Left to the Shadows/ Ep