Santa Clarita, California, USA

Odaal is four healthy young men from the northern United States, now based in Southern California. Odaal makes rock and roll with a rattle pop sound. They are self-contained and professional, polished in many of the facets that make for an ambiance of purity and quality. Through demographical research (2005-2007), it has been established that Odaal is marketable to men, 13-39, and women, 14-50, with intelligence quotients exceeding 110, but not surpassing 185.


The word Odaal is used to describe a small band of young men and women who use twisted pop music in a mischievous manner to forward a message of rebellion, honesty, nonconformity, honor and courage. It is unknown where the tiny, secretive society was conceived but unannounced, raucous live shows featuring the band appear to have begun in the Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles underground circa 2007-2008.

While the philosophy seems well rooted, the musical voice of Odaal appears to change constantly, running the gamut from melodic folk or swing to violent punk rock, and shades throughout.

Several accounts have placed Odaal in rural Southern California, living in the desert without modern devices of any kind (save musical instruments), and surviving entirely off the land for months until dramatically resurfacing at local venues.

The origin of the word "Odaal" is also nebulous, but may draw from some lost Celtic dialect. It is believed by some linguists that the word meant "a loud cry of sadness", but this is disputed.

Rumors regarding an intricate secret "code" or "map" comprised of lyrics and art leading to buried or hidden treasures are also unproven but argued by some.

Odaal is influenced by a range of great musicians. Their inspiration comes from all points of life. Music is their passion and each show promises to be better than the last. With at least one new song introduced at each show, you will never see the same performance twice, guaranteed.


Yippie Skip 2008
Plebeian Wonderful 2009
Rodents of the RumRun (coming soon)

Set List

Odaal has most recently been playing 30 minute sets; however they have hours of songs in their catalog. Odaal is constantly writing and plays at least one new song at everyshow.