Oddball Protocol

Oddball Protocol


The members of Oddball Protocol bring a variety of influences to their music. The original compositions blend rock, blues, funk, bluegrass together creating a unique sound.


Oddball Protocol is a Minneapolis based band. A variety of musical backgrounds and influences gives the band a flavor of versatility and virtuosity that has been described as "...very close knit, to the likes of Umphrey's McGee, Phish, and moe., but still unique."-Paul Bowman, DinkyTown Exchange. That unique sound is a product of Oddball Protocol's sense of humor and passion for quality music. Every show consists of original compostions, sprinkled with unpredictable cover songs, and sit-ins from some of the region's finest musicians. From bluegrass AC/DC to Ween to spot-on renditions of Pink Floyd, Widespread Panic, and The Rolling Stones; audiences never know what to expect from an Oddball Protocol show...and that is just how OBP likes it!


Various live recordings in circulation.


Set List

An ever-expanding catalogue of original songs and a long list of covers from many different eras and genres. Oddball Protocol sets usually include one or two cover songs. Multiple sets, 60-90 minutes each, depending on the circumstances of each show.