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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Charle t Put this one up against ANYBODY'S!!!!!!"

Put this one up against ANYBODY'S!!!!!!
Reviewer: Charlet
Ya boy ain't no joke!!! I been lookin' for a "match off" inspirational CD that could go toe-to-toe with this hip-hop gangbangin' hustler crap!!! IT'S YA MAN ODDESSEY!!! I had to bring it BIG to my nephews. They didn't wanna here no nursery rhyme stuff whether inspirational or not! They wanted somethin' slammin with hot beats!! Ya lyrics are sick!! This one I GUARANTEE they will love! Their aunti knows what's crackin'... Dude, keep it comin'... I'm serious!! Come back from Iraq! You belong in the studio on the mic check 1,2!!!!!

- CD Baby

"Albert a.k.a Wordoer"

Reviewer: Albert a.k.a Wordoer
IT'S TIME TO STAND UP FOR THE LORD...."Luke 11; 13: If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?......HEY DO YOUR THINIG....JESUS IS COMING BACK, AND HOLY SPIRIT IS POURING OUT!!!!...I'M GONNA GET THIS CD TO THE HOOD...HE DESIRES THAT ALL MAKE IT.....DEVIL WE COMING!!!!!...IF GOD BE FOR US WHO CAN BE AGAINST US!!!!
- CD Baby

"Anthony-The cd makes you think about LIFE,GOD AND FRIENDS."

The first time I heard this CD, I thought it was really good but now that I keep on listening to it makes me think about life, how God is wonderful and how he can changes people life that been through a lot of struggle. I am encourage you to buy this CD and listening to it. WESTMINSTER,ORANGE COUNTY CA.



The cd is great,I have played the cd I don't know how many times,the production on the album is fire,the way he rhymes is sick, reminds me of Bone,it is refreshing to my soul to pop the cd in on my way to work while bobbing my head for the lord.

- cd baby


Gospel Music - (4:47)
Hypocrite - (5:29)
Lake of Fire-(3:03)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Tavarus Lundy- aka Oddyssey
I am from Anniston/Lineville, Alabama. I have been residing in Atlanta for the last couple of months.
I am currently a member of the Army Reserve where
I served my country in Operation Iraqi Freedom
Not only am I a member of the Armed Forces,
I also work for Youth Challenge Center where I am making a difference among the young generation.


To make a long story short I used to be out there in the world. I rapped

about everything and I have done a little bit of everything.

As time passed I started feeling un-easy about my music and no matter

how tight people sad it was I did not like what I was writing. Then I started

not liking the way I was living as if I was going down a road that led to

nothing, I felt miserable so I went to were I could find peace, the bible, this

is were I found Christ and that’s when I felt good, when I got saved. The

only problem then was with the music, we came far in it so I did not know

what to do, I felt like I would be letting people down if kept doing secular

music, but as I read more the word said seek him first and the Kingdom of

God and all else shall be added, it also said death and life is in the power

of the tongue, so how could I be in the light but speak darkness on

people’s lives, so I decided then to put god first and not rap at all, but as I

started reading my bible and getting closer to God the word said commit

your work to god and he’ll establish your thoughts so I was like why not

stop rapping why not rap about Christ. So my new mission is to become a

powerful gospel rapper behind Christ and my God keeping them in front

cause I am nothing without them, and to influence even the most famous

artist in the game and on the streets, and all rap fans rap fans get saved, I

want to bring life in the game and not death; I want to do this by rapping

my testimony and I to preach the word about a man who died so that I can

be saved, and still keep it as crunk as any and everything else out their in the world. Amen