We are a high intensity rock group from Northern Michigan. With catchy riffs from the guitars, a drum beat that is fast and intricate and bass lines that are fun and melodic, we appeal to people of all ages. Our live show is what sets us apart from the rest!


Oddfellow, is a highly charismatic Michigan rock band known for tight, energetic live shows, extremely catchy music, and ample crowd interaction. Based out of the Upper Peninsula, Oddfellow formed in 2001. A collaboration of musicians from local bands, Oddfellow formed a unique catchy form of rock that just clicked. With their 2005 debut indi-record, Oddfellow hit the ground running, and hasn't stopped since. They relentlessly travel throughout Michigan building fan bases in many major areas (as well as the countryside. Oddfellow fans sometimes seem to come out of the woodwork).


We have recorded one, 14 track CD, titled "Go". With this CD we've had radio play on 94.5 The Zone out of Traverse City, MI and 101 FM out of Sault Ste. Marie, MI

The band has performed in some of the states top venues in the southern part of the state such as The Shelter, St. Andrews Hall, and The State Theatre. They are now planning on moving their show to the western side of the state.

Fall of '06 Oddfellow played in a battle of the bands in Detroit that gained them major popularity in the southern part of the State. The battle lasted for 3 rounds to determine who would win the Grand Prize trip to L.A. Oddfellow battled against some great bands but finally ended their campaign in the 3rd round when a band from the Flint area won the final battle in Detroit.

Along with their battle experiance, Oddfellow was invited to have their music featured on a promotional video for a sporting event called "eXtremity Games" [www.extremitygames.com] After the DVD was produced they were then invited to go play this years event in Millington, MI.

They are now in the phases of working on our next album to come out some time in 2008. It should be a great one!

Set List

Our band performs best on our own original music. However, we also offer a four hour show for some weekend entertainment. Our sets include, but are not limited to:

[Set#1(acoustic)] Incubus - Drive, Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue, Oddfellow - Static & To Go, Weezer - Say it aint so, Beck - 2 Turn Tables, Marvelous 3 - Freak of the week, SR-71 - Right Now, Oddfellow - Over Wasting

[Set#2] 3 Doors Down - Right Where I belong, Shinedown - Save Me, Third Eye Blind - New Girl, RHCP - Suck My Kiss, Oddfellow - She Is, Marvelous 3 - Retail Girl, Oddfellow - Lost Cause, Sublime - What I got, Green Day - When I come around, Real Big Fish - Beer

[Set#3] Johnny B. Goode, Sublime - Santaria, Seven Mary Three - Cumbersome, Cake - Never There, You May Be Right, Hard To Handle, Tom Petty - Mary Js Last Dance, RHCP - Danny California, Weezer - Beverly Hills, Eve 6 - Inside Out, Queen - Fat Bottom Girls

[Set#4] Nickelback - It's over, Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit, Metallica - Ent