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Lafayette, Louisiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Lafayette, Louisiana, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Indie




"Oddfellows: “NOVO” – Trippy, spaced-out head music that brings your hallucinogenic moments to a whole new level!"

“NOVO” has that intangible quality that makes it a masterpiece in its own right; a model of versatility and experimentation, a cohesive alliance of instrumental virtuosity, mood-inducing vocals and timeless melodic tunes which defy labeling. I’m not sure if Oddfellows may very well be the best unknown band in music today, but they come pretty damn close. This is a band that produces some of the most innovative ‘old’ music anywhere on the music scene today. Trippy, spaced-out head music that brings your hallucinogenic moments to a whole new level! - Rick Jamm

"Oddfellows - NoVo"

Harking back to rock n’ roll’s origins “NoVo” shows off Oddfellows impressive chops. Blissed out, these songs are infinitely comfortable. Carefully crafted, Oddfellows prove to be adept at creating a sound that feels both classic and completely new. Throughout the album vocals help to tie the album together giving an approachability. Vocals serve as the heart and center of the album, with the honeyed heavenly sound from on high helping to establish a sound that feels completely welcoming. “NoVo” shows Oddfellows giving a unique refreshing take on blues and psychedelic rock. The result is an album of true beauty. - Beach Sloth

"Oddfellows 'NoVo""

With their blend of psychedelic rock, ambient and experimental music, Louisiana combo Oddfellows set out to release a compelling and personal new album, “Novo”.

The band’s sound falls somewhere in between the edgy and innovative approach of Minus The Bear and the haunting atmospheres of Pink Floyd. Clear guitar lines and hypnotic melodies cut through layers of ethereal soundscapes and retro synths.

Following a short, yet dense intro (“Gaia”), “Miss Fox” kicks off with emotional vocals and a tight rhythm section with a lot of groove. The candle-lit, electric atmospheres that characterize the track take a step back on following number “Going Somewhere”, where the band explores some uplifting folk influences in the vein of Mumford and Sons / Of Monsters And Men. The sound remains direct and understated, yet gigantic and relatable, like a good sing-along that you can immediately familiarize with.

"Vinesarveins" dives back into electric rock territories, with a touch of Police and Dire Straits adding to the band’s sonic depths. It’s clear by now that the contrast between “timeless” and “innovative”, “old” and “new” is a big element of the band’s sound: Following track “Legba” darkens the mood with some haunting, fuzzy and chaotic guitar patterns, before abruptly fading into the moody textures of "Valar Morghulis", one of the most hypnotic tracks on the entire album, with the synth lines are responsible for some truly memorable leads.

"Peacemaker" adds some mysticism to the mix, with some eastern vibes and cool guitar lines that somehow makes me think of The Rolling Stone’s “Paint It Black”.

Following track, “We Stayed”, is a tender ballad featuring Kristina Ostrom. The song showcases the most understated and intimate side of the band.

"Monkified" (is the title an homage to Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Funky Monks?) bring some hot funk grooves to the mix and cleverly blends in with some great psychedelic fundamentals. This is definitely going to be a phenomenal live track!

"De La Rose" is one of those songs you’d feel good listening to while driving in the nights - the melodies and rhythm just flow and seamlessly evolve into a compelling climatic outro, closing number “Thessia”, where the band’s honest song-writing blends in with the most dense, articulate and emotional wall of sound on the entire album. An epic way to close the curtains on a truly exciting record that showcases the band’s versatility and vision! - Andrea Caccese

"Review - Oddfellows' 'NoVo'"

The independent five-piece outfit, Oddfellows, has released their debut album, ‘NoVo.’ The eclectic eleven song collection is quite a ride, showcasing a group with incredible diversity and talent. Their music is created by a self-described formula: a mix of mud, water, trains, and airplanes. Essentially, even though the songs are complex and erratic, they’re also fundamentally simplistic and spiritually classic.

Based in Louisiana, Oddfellows has picked up some serious traction in recent times performing at an array of venues and opening for some larger live acts. They’re making a name for themselves with a modest following, and their freshman effort, ‘NoVo,’ is one that attempts to introduce the band and their style to a larger audience.

The band is described as a psychedelta blues rock band. Yes, ‘psychedelta,’ as in the combination of delta roots influence and psychedelic. This is pretty much right on the money, but if you really want to strip it down to brass tax... they’re a prog rock band. Influenced by the likes of the Doors and Pink Floyd, ‘NoVo’ is an album that attempts to modernize a progressive rock sound with some contemporary fiddlings. For the most part, Oddfellows succeeds at this.

There was always an inherent problem with progressive rock. It was beautifully composed, often classically influenced, and experimental as can be. The genre eventually become a wasteland of nostalgia and ostentatious groups with thirty minute songs. Oddfellow’s induction of blues and contemporary roots makes the genre fresh again, indeed providing you a bit of a psychedelic experience. I love that the songs on ‘NoVo’ aren’t just aimless noodling; that’s what the band’s counterparts in the genre are all too happy doing. The songs on this album feel purposeful, not pretentious.

‘NoVo’ seems to be broken down into movements. ‘Gaia’ is a blissful instrumental that introduces some of the strongest indie music I’ve heard in quite some time. ‘Legba,’ the fifth track, seems to jumpstart the record again with another bizarre, instrumental interlude. The content following ‘Gaia’ is eclectic to say the least: the bluesy ‘Miss Fox,’ the foot-tapping ‘Going Somewhere,’ and the rootsy ‘Vinesareveins’ all provide an exceptional listening experience. The band’s musical prowess is immense and the songs are consistently interesting. I really dig the vocals and lyricism, and they accent the production well.

That production is remarkable, too. For a demanding sound with a whole lot going on, ‘NoVo’ succeeds on every front in the studio. The mix is mastered properly and nothing feels out of place or mismatched. The highlight of the beginning of the album is ‘Vinesareveins;’ the instrumentation to that song is magnificent. The latter half of the record, or post-’Legba,’ has even more diversity in its content. The atmospheric soundscapes that culminate around Oddfellows are blisteringly unique and constantly intriguing.

I love the experimental nature of ‘Peacemaker,’ a really killer track that toys with atmospheres, synths, riffing, and moody vocals. The band pays homage well to what makes that progressive sound good without it getting out of hand - No twenty minute jams here. ‘We Stayed,’ a track featuring ‘Kristina Ostrom’ is gorgeous. The lead vocalist is well suited to softer acoustic tracks, just as much as he is to the rockers like ‘Miss Fox.’ He’s got a bit of an Eddie Vedder aura to him. That duet with Ostrom is a rewarding experience and she’s a bright light on the latter half of ‘NoVo’.

One of my favorite tracks may be ‘Monkified,’ an incredibly funky tune that certainly toys with experimental funk. (But with a burnt-out, distorted slide guitar. How cool is that?) The cinematic ‘De la Rose’ really hits on that Doors influence as well. The organ and combined solo sections are chaotic as all hell. There’s something that feels so cinematic about the two final tracks on ‘NoVo’.

‘NoVo’ is a remarkably good record, a surprisingly interesting and intelligent album that turned around my bias against this genre, one that formed from mid to late 70s overkill prog rock. Oddfellows manage to make their sound original and modern, inviting and rewarding. I never found myself itching for tracks to finish, though ‘Thessia’ does ponder through emptiness at times. Check out their record, it’s an experience worth having and is one of the best indie rock records of the year. - Brett Stewart

"Oddfellows - NoVo Album Review"

But believe me when I say it – there is nothing but complete and utter WIN stamped all over this album – that’s not the sandman talking…chances are I’ll be up for another half-day here at least after the inspiring sounds and ideas I’ve heard on the new Oddfellows record; this was fantastic – and it’s their DEBUT. Look out for this band…they’re coming out fully-loaded and ready to roll right onto your playlist. - SleepBagStudios


February 2013 - Live (EP)

May 2015 - NoVo (LP)



Oddfellows is a psychedelta blues rock band from Lafayette, Louisiana. Their music is a mix of classic and modern fused with driving drum rhythms, spaced-out keys, and blues inspired vocal melodies.


At the beginning of 2011 a Council of Five held court and Oddfellows came into existence. After two years of building a following through performances near and far, the band released a live-recorded EP in February of 2013. Going forward, the group grew in number and versatility with a full-time keyboardist and a secondary percussionist.

In the August month of 2013 the band started recording an album at Smoke Bend Studios in Crowley. Just short of a year in the studio brought the near finish of the album but also a break in the fellowship. The hands of Change are swift and the original vocalist, guitarist, and new percussionist parted from Oddfellows. Thus the Seven became the Four.

Here paths had vanished, and many a rider and wanderer too.

Austin Bailey the Brave with his Sticks of the Unseen Forces returned to the Tall Woods to seek counsel.

Samuel Graf the Strong with his Keys of the Sky Dwellers made preparations to set sail again the Western Seas.

Charles Ropp the Wise with his Bass of the Pyramids stood high upon the mountain peak and cast his gaze to the North, South, West, and lastly East.

And John Core the Elfstone with his Electric Wand and Sorcerer's Slide vanished, and none ever knew for sure where the Night passed him.

But lo! The new risen sun brings a summon from The Mouth Which Speaks No Language. Once again a Council of Five was met one early summer's morn. Here sat John of Core, Austin of Bailey, Samuel of Graf, Charles of Ropp, and old companion Matthew of LeLeux whose eight arms bore many things.

The fate of the fellowship sat on the fence of discussion. Then, all at once the Five spoke as they heard the One Voice, "Should Oddfellows fall to ruin and be but a fleeting memory? Nay," they said. "For the Earth is yet changed and much is there still to do. To the Swamp-Lands you must go. A cabin shall be your shelter and the Great Mother your guide." And so the first ever concert at the Green Theatre in Butte La Rose was held that very day. No man, save only one handful, was in attendance that day yet countless danced and sang for magick was in the air and the Swamp is much alive.

So the Oddfellows dwelled in the Swamp-Lands and much was the fruit of their stay. Under the shade of cypress trees the Alligator King shared knowledge of the ages for he has endured many Earth-year. Daughter-River appeared to each and left misery and happiness in her wake. She waltzed where the sun sails and the moon walks, yet her heart was stored far under the living Earth where time is not counted. Adam of Man was ever-present. Sometimes for days in physical form yet sometimes only in spirit. Always he brought insight for he is born of the Earth but forever seeks the other dimensions. Others were welcomed to the fellowship whether by fate or chance, with peace and new music followed.

And on the last evening the Great Mother opened the Milky Way and the Five gazed into distant galaxies and understood. Morning told of rain to come and there was a breath of air and a noise of wind, but it had a sad sound. "Back to the lands you once did know!"

Leaving the Swamp and returning to Crowley the band had a purpose and vision. A one room house without sun or moon was sacrificed for a jam space and recording studio. Thus the debut album's recording was begun.

O Queen of the Muddy Shores,
What is yet come?
Is mine seat reserved on high?
"Life is a mirror of confusion!! Live in the magic of now! LOVE NOW! This you remember!! LOVE NOW!"


By opening for national acts including The Revivalists and Nothing More, Oddfellows have built a strong local/regional following.

They have performed at venues around Louisiana including Artmosphere, Grant Street Dancehall, Jefferson Street Pub,  The Howlin Wolf, and The District. They have also performed in Austin, TX at venues including Hotel Vegas, Gypsy Lounge, Lucky Lounge, and Posse East.

In 2012, Oddfellows made their festival debut at South By Southwest in Austin, TX. As well as returning to SXSW the following year in 2013. They have also performed at festivals within the state including Festival International de Louisiane and The International Rice Festival.

Influences: The Doors, The Allman Brothers Band, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Grateful Dead, My Morning Jacket, Radiohead, and different variations of rock music from the early sixties to present-day.

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