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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Odd Zero- Sleep Deprived"

None of your acoustic meandering this month; New York’s Odd Zero dish up an infectious brand of metal-tainted punk that leaps out of the speakers. The opener to the band’s eponymous debut, Libido Suicide, suggests someone’s been listening to the Ramones, but check out guitarist Mike Fujii’s chugging riffs in Hey Lover and you’ll get more of sense of where the band’s at – and we love what sounds like a Deep Purple influence coming through on Sleep Deprived. Nice tunes, rocking guitars, and well recorded by Don Fury at the desk. - Guitar and Bass Magazine

"Odd Zero"

"Opening the night was Odd Zero, a catchy power punk group with a very nice sound." Ken Pierce - MaximumMetal.com - MaximumMetal.com

"Odd Zero"

Odd Zero recently hit # 1 on the Punk charts and # 5 on the Rock charts on soundclick.com with the song "Libido Suicide"

Odd Zero recently hit # 4 on the Punk charts on soundclick.com with the song "Hey Lover"

Odd Zero can now be heard on Real Rhapsody radio with the song "Sleep Deprived" - Soundclick.com

"Odd Zero Shows"

Odd Zero

Past Shows

10- 15-06 The Knitting Factory - NYC
10- 13-06 Wild Spirits - NYC
9- 22-06 Snitch - NYC
9- 12-06 The Continental- Farewell Show - NYC
8- 26-06 The Saint - Asbury Park, N.J.
8- 16-06 Bulfinch Yacht Club - Boston, MA
8- 4-06 R and R - NYC
7- 27-06 The Delancey - NYC
7- 18-06 Lion's Den - NYC
7- 7-06 Arlene's Grocery - Full-Length CD Release Party- NYC
6- 22-06 The Continental - NYC
5- 17-06 The Middle East Club - Cambridge, MA
5- 2-06 Lit Lounge - NYC
3- 31-06 The Continental - NYC
3- 8-06 Kenny's Castaways - NYC
1- 31-06 The Trash Bar - Brooklyn, NY
1- 13-06 The Continental - E.P. CD Release Party- NYC
11- 23-05 Tribeca Rock Club - NYC
11- 4-05 The Continental - NYC
10-29-05 Arlene's Grocery - NYC
10-27-05 CBGB'S - NYC
10-17-05 CBGB'S - NYC
9-20-05 Ace of Clubs - NYC
8-30-05 The Continental - NYC
8- 6-05 Arlene's Grocery - NYC
7-19-05 The Continental - NYC
7-13-05 Kenny's Castaways - NYC
6-13-05 169 Bar - NYC
6-12-05 The Delancey - NYC
6- 8-05 Kenny's Castaways - NYC
5-19-05 The Delancey - NYC
5-12-05 Don Hill's - NYC
4-12-05 The Knitting Factory - NYC
3-17-05 Don Hill's - NYC
3-16-05 Sin-e - NYC
2-24-05 North Six - with the Backyard Babies- Brooklyn, NY
2-16-05 Kenny's Castaways - NYC
2- 1-05 Sin-e - NYC
9-18-04 Kenny's Castaways - NYC
8-27-04 The Continental - NYC
8-14-04 Soundview- FDNY Benefit Show - Bronx, NY
7-17-04 The Charleston - Brooklyn, NY
6-30-04 Kenny's Castaways - NYC
6-17-04 The Continental - NYC
5-19-04 Kenny's Castaways - NYC - www.myspace.com/oddzerony


Odd Zero-Odd Zero Full-Length CD
Odd Zero-Odd Zero E.P. CD



Odd Zero is an aggressive and energetic Hard Rock band with a Punk and Metal edge. The band performs with intense, heavy bass grooves, blazing guitar solos, explosive drums, and screaming vocals with thought provoking lyrics. They create the perfect balance between raw, live energy and dark emotions. Odd Zero, who formed in January 2004, have played many shows in New York City including North Six (opening up for the Backyard Babies), The Knitting Factory, Arlene’s Grocery, The Continental, CBGB’s, Sin-e, Don Hill’s, and The Delancey. The band has also performed at The Middle East Club in Cambridge, MA. Odd Zero recorded with legendary Punk/Rock producer Don Fury at Cyclone Sound Studios, and released a full-length CD in the summer of 2006. The band recently hit #1 on the Punk charts and #5 on the Rock charts on soundclick.com with their song "Libido Suicide". Odd Zero will continue to thrill with their heavy sound and stunning live shows.