Odell Bizzell

Odell Bizzell


How many people are dedicated in this day and time to teach college students about money? Odell Bizzell will fill college campuses all over the country with one thing everybody needs: FINANCIAL LITERACY!


From the age of 15-18 Odell sold candy in high school earning well over $50,000. Odell balanced his multi-thousand dollar business, a 4.1 GPA, and he was a star athlete in basketball and lettered 2 years varsity football. He went on to NC State University and invested in the stock market, bought businesses, and studied under 2 multimillionaire mentors and developed a passion for financial education. Now Odell consults for an international financial mentorship organization and mentors college students on how to create money while in college. Odell has authored 2 books and four audio series.


The Basic Fundamental of Life-CD
Prosperity Points- Dual Disc CD
Step Into a Millionaire's Mind- CD
Make Change, Make Dollars- 3 Disc CD series

Barely Out of College, Barely Out of Wealth- Book
Use College to Achieve Your Dreams- Book

Set List

Keynotes- 45 minutes-60 minutes
Workshops- 2-3 hours
Seminars- 3+ hours
Weekend Retreats/Orientation- 1-2 days