The Million Dolla Songwriter. The next big thing in terms of writing long lasting memorable number hits.


I am who I am regardless of how my life turns out to be. I write almost everything to release my stress and that's how my passion for music generated. Over the years, I've realized that music is an international religion and I'm happy to be a member.

When I write, I write with my soul. I don't just write just to write. I write to connect with other people. So... that's blessing. People understand how I feel so we're related. That's why I'm here. I'm here to spread my music to the hidden places of the world, to the ears of the lovers, to the hearts of those who lost feeling of love; I'm here to communicate with the music lovers.

The process is hard but not impossible. I can do it. That's the same confidence that's gotten me this far. Please help me go touch the untouched hearts.