Ode to Anthony

Ode to Anthony

 Escalon, California, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

Piano driven rock that moves both your feet and your mind. Ode To Anthony appeals to the masses with intricate guitar solos, rockin piano rhythms, and the soulful vocals of Bobby Atkins, who sings his lyrics with the passion of a poet. Rockin in a club or relaxing in your backyard, Ode To Anthony.


Ode To Anthony is more than just a band, it is a story. A story that each and every person can relate to in some way, or at some point in their own lives. You see Ode To Anthony is great music, yes, but the band is also a reminder of the people that you encounter in your life.

As the story goes . . .

Back a few years there was a man, whom we will call Anthony, and there was a woman, whom we will call Charity, that met each other, she fell in love, and eventually they moved in together. They lived together for a year or so. Through the unemployment, through the wasted time spent on the couch, and even through the drugs Anthony was doing, Charity pushed on, working and supporting the two of them.

And then there were three. Charity found out she was pregnant.

Soon after, early one morning, she picked up the phone and called her brother Bobby. Stuttering through tears she told him what had happened. When she told Anthony that she was with child he became furious and kicked her out of the house. She had nowhere to go except back to her family, so that is where she went.

Now? This day? Charity and the baby are doing well, with the support of Bobby and the rest of her family.

Anthony, on the other hand, spends his days staring at the walls of a prison cell.

So when you listen to the music of Ode To Anthony, sit back, enjoy, and remember the people that have affected you throughout your life. Whether it is the Bobbys that come through for you when you need them, the Charitys that have the strength that drive you on, or even the Anthonys that remind you we all should learn from our mistakes, don't forget them. You know them all for a reason.

So here it is, the music and the feeling that is for you, me, and everyone in between. An ode to the entire human race...

Ode To Anthony


Made To Love You

Written By: Bobby Atkins

Love is something, something you can't control
And I just want to love you
But I can't do it your way, I'm tired of playing games
And I don't want to hold you back

So run faster, run faster, run faster from the pain
'Cause I was made to love you
But I don't think I'll satisfy your hunger quite the same
As some other guys so I walk away

Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, look into my eyes
And tell me I'm not perfect for you
But your fixation with the past has dissolved any change
And I know we won't last

So goodbye my friend, we will meet again, I hope in the end
Everything works out for you
No, you'll never find another to love you quite the same
Oh no you too have lost the game


Written By: Bobby Atkins

You don't know, you don't know, you don't know, you don't know

You think you've got me so figured out
But I'm changing every day, not the same as before
As soon as you think you've got me down I'll change
Just so I won't get bored of the same routine

I will wipe away the tears and ease your troubled mind
This for now is my sweeter side, the other's not so kind

So you want me?
I'm like a disease
I'll never let you be...

You don't know, you don't know, you don't know, you don't know

I'm such an obtuse triangle
And no side is just the same, I'm made that way
Meant to detour the ones not so self-assured
Not able to handle all my changing ways

Wait until you see my evil side
See if you want me just the same

Ode To Anthony

Written By: Bobby Atkins

Little girls come lend me your ears
I'm the apple that your father fears
Oh no, I'm rotten fruit

I'm the kind to take your virginity
Treat you like shit to make you see
Just how the real world is operating

So you want to be somebody now?
I'll make you a star overnight!

Sneakin' out your bedroom window
Meet me at the park, I'll have you back by four
Just enough time to get what I want

I'm the kind of guy to knock you up
Tell you "I love you" and then never show up
And now a bastard child is all that you have…

Flyin' J

Written By: Bobby Atkins

Well I met her in a Flyin' J truck station
She said, "Hi"; my heart had palpitations
She was lookin' for a ride and I was way to drunk to drive
But I said screw it, and I took her anyway…oh…

I fell in love with a girl from Louisiana
Old Lake Charles to be specific
With her sweet Southern charm
In fact she grew up in a barn
I said "I love you"; we got married in a minute

Well ten years and twelve packs and three kids later
I thought by now I'd surely hate her
But her cookin' got better and she knits me those sweaters
And I'll love her 'til the day I die…oh…


Currently Ode To Anthony has released the EP

Made To Love You © 2008

Set List

Ode To Anthony's typical set list is as follows. This list can be edited for time as they can play anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, although their usual set is an hour long.

Ode To Anthony
Mother Dear
Half Past 9
Usual Suspects
You Make Me Feel
Made To Love You
Flyin' J
The Good Die Young
Party Girl
Mr. Foolish
Blues Improv
Love Is Not A Sin

Ode To Anthony also has an extensive repertoire of cover songs from the 50's to today. A few of these are listed below.

Great Balls of Fire
Whole Lotta Shakin
What I Say
All Right Now
Brown-Eyed Girl
The Joker
Stray Cat Strut
Rock This Town
Sweet Home Alabama
Last Dance With Mary Jane
I want to hold your hand
All My Lovin
Day Tripper
Are You Gaonna Go My Way
Play That Funky Music
Billy Jean
Rappers Delight
Walk This Way
Shook Me All Night Long