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Ode to the Quiet

Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | AFM

Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands | AFM
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Pop Trip-hop




"Release show Ode to the Quiet is an ode to the silence"

This week many release shows take place in Utrecht, though this concert is one we look forward to the most.
Previous shows at the 'Sneeuw en Ruis' festival and during 'Club 3voor12' show an increasing line. The amazing album makes this desire even bigger.

For Marianne Oldenburg, Otto de Jong and Tobias Kerkhoven this is a show to look forward to as well. Not surprising, when you present your own album. Allthough it's their debut, the three musicians share a long musical history. For quit some time they followed their course with as Mary Had a Little Band. “At a certain point there was a tipping point”, mentioned Oldenburg in a previous interview. “Something had to happen. In the beginning of 2012 we changed tack. I wrote lot's of new songs. We had some long sessions at home to arrange and experiment.” Eventually this led to the birth of Ode to the Quiet. The album they present tonight was recorded in Mailmen studio by Martijn Groeneveld.

Soundscapes and lightsculptures

Ode to the Quiet is a band that strongly searches for the experiment and thinks about how to present themselves with the greatest care, so an important happening such as a release show isn't something they let pass easily. On the stage there are two green light sculptures: one with the bandlogo and one with the signs the same as on the beautiful albumcover. Even the support-act - if one can call it that - is an intrigal part of the concert. Mark IJzerman and Machinefabriek (who also contributed to the album) perform soothing soundscapes with laptop, analog equipment and tape recorders on the side of the room. The crowd gathered around and is mesmerized. After fifteen minutes the drones merge into 'Infinity' by Ode to the Quiet, already on the stage.

Excitement and silence

After the openingsong there's no chance to applaud. Guitarist Tobias Kerkhoven makes noises with his pedals, bassplayer Evert van der Waa plays his bass quietly and Otto de Jong let's his drumsticks slide down the edges of his cymbals, until Marianne Oldenburg starts 'Ghosts'. This process of tension is something the band keeps on doing the whole show through. The silences in and in between the songs are almost just as important as the songs are. The accompanying dynamics make sure the stress in the mix of neo-classical, electronics, dreampop, triphop and drones get some extra feeling. Also Oldenburg plays along very well with her crystal clear voice. Ode to the Quiet brings an actual ode to the silence.

The show is perfect combination of a popshow and a play with a start and an end.
Ode to the Quiet is one of the most exciting bands we've seen lately. Album and live shows are warmly recommended. - 3voor12

"Ode to the Quiet presents amazing debuut with loads of dynamics"

The last time we saw the band from Utrecht perform live they played in a gallery during ’Noorderslag’. The acoustic was far from ideal. The first song of the self-titled album was just released. A truly brilliant album, with a mix of different styles to fall in love with immediately. The album is officially presented at dB’s in Utrecht. Anyone who follows the band on twitter or facebook realizes that they put as much care to their live shows as they did to their debut. Soundartists Machinefabriek (Rutger Zuydervelt) and Mark IJzerman – both contributed to the album – will play their part in the live show.

The presence of the two gentlemen is notable; in a setup full of analoge equipment and a collection of tapes, Rutger and Mark take place in the center of the room surrounded by the crowd. Soundscapes with machine-like sounds, bells, church organs, birds and noise fill the room and make you want to close your eyes. Especially because these sound collages are of the same cinematic sort as the music by Ode to the Quiet itself.

You know it's coming, but still it surprises: while dreaming away on a carpet of sounds, the band seems to have taken place on the stage and Marianne Oldenburg takes over by starting the first track of the album: 'Infinity'.
Just a little slower than on the album, the band starts enormeously intriguing. Halfway the song we hold our breath, waiting for the moment the band fills in at full volume.

Biggest question: Is Ode to the Quiet able to perform this spatial sound including all wondrous arrangements and little details in a live setting?
Soon we'll find out that a show by this band is handled with the same care as the album was handled with. Apart from a little nervousness during the first two, the set is played with much confidence and enthusiasm. Some minor details on the album might be missed, but you'll get loads of dynamics in return which causes goosebumps more than once. Especially when the band expand the songs or start playing heavier in for example I Was Told with it's industrial rhythm, the grand We Built a Fire or the last song: Flight.

This way the band switches from intimate piano parts to delirious rock and deep bass finds a way right through your veins. The unexpected musical changes on the album have a part in this as well of course. No matter how many times you've listened to the album, it's remains wondrous: all musical elements so naturally merged together. Classical piano is combined with mysterious soundscapes, western guitars, fat layers of dub, manipulated drums and postpunk basslines. In the middle of it all the vocals by Marianne are floating, sometimes with extra drama, but all the time just as pure and perfect as on the album.

When the songs are played live in front of you, you'll notice how complex and inventive the music is. The ADHD-breakbeats and jumpy guitar riffs in Ghosts – live it reminds of Animal Collective – almost appear to be too much for the band that seems to have some trouble keeping up the beat. But still: although the work is hard, the band manages to maintain the playfullness of the song.
Clearly this is no band that moves back from a challange.

'An album full of tension and repose', is what we concluded in the album review. Tonight Ode to the Quiet delivers the superlative. Nothing less than a glorious show with only one conclusion: a live show by this band lives up to all expectations you'll have after hearing the inventive album.
One show will make you fall in love with this band immediately. Let us hope many people will look for Ode to the Quiet. - Kicking the Habit

"Stillwave and Ode to the Quiet in great form"

What a revelation! Artful and competent, the crowd is taken on a musical trip. Vocalist Marianne Oldenburg supports the songs easily and knows how to captivate. The music she and the rest of the band know how to conjure, is the perfect ending of the evening.

Ode to the Quiet has a package full of surprising compositions that arouse astonishment. The crowd therefore awards the band with much acclaim. - Music Credo Webzine


Album 'Ode to the Quiet', 18/04/2014 



Ode to the Quiet is a Dutch band, stationed in Utrecht. Partly inspired by (modern) classical music and bands like Efterklang and Pink Floyd, the band creates ‘stargaze’: an unusual mix of classical piano, soundscapes, trip-hop, drones and even Western-like guitarplaying, postpunk basslines accompanied by the voice of Marianne that reaches from threatening depths all the way up to the highest stars. All of this combined in a spellbinding and cinematic way that'll take the listener on an endless trip.

In April 2014, the band released their self-titled debut album, that received only outstanding reviews. Since the release OXQ has played at many festivals and stages across the Netherlands and was selected for the 'Popronde', which is the largest traveling festival of the country and takes place from September up to November. 

Dutch but international oriented bookings agency 'Bureau Zwaardvis" will start working together. Plans for an international release and European tour in 2015 are being made. Meanwhile, the band is writing a brandnew track for the Groninger Museum

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