Ode to Trees

Ode to Trees


Ode to Trees is a family friendly band with strong indie rock influences from the North Dallas area. We bring a truly unique sound and mix of highly praised original tracks and cover songs with the ability to play many different styles.


It is hard to describe the unique sound of Ode to Trees. Some label it as Indie Rock because of their original, distinctive and versatile sound that doesn't quite fit into more mainstream genres. Whatever it is - it captivates their audiences.

Chase, Matt, and Cole live in Allen, Texas. After several years of guitar lessons, Chase showed his commitment to becoming a serious musician by the time he entered middle school. Matt moved to Allen from Washington state before his 8th grade year, realizing his love for music and his strong desire to play the drums. Chase and Matt met each other during those middle school years, and began "jamming" soon afterwards. Their appreciation for all types of music bonded them and helped to shape their original style. Chase and Matt began playing in front of an audience as part of the worship team for their church. Cole, also showing a love for music at an early age, joined his brother and friend as the keyboard player and song writer. His thought-provoking lyrics have become some of Ode to Tree's signature songs. He not only contributes musically, but has been known to "break out" into something that goes way beyond dancing!

All three band members write, sing, and are natural entertainers. They recently were co-winners of the first competition the band has entered: Battle of the Bands regional contest at the Door. Julie Delaughter, of Polyphonic Spree, said this about Ode to Trees: "What they do is truly art. They have great taste in the music they choose to play".


Turn Out The Lights

Written By: Ode To Trees

Turn out the lights
Let the darkness seep inside of you like a knife
It only hurts if you want it to
Don't set aside, the purposeless splendor that you thought you knew, alright right

Come back to life
Forget your past now that it's over
Just live your life
Win her heart way that will show her, tonight.

Summer is here but i swear i still feel the rain
You look so sweet but i see right through your pain
Ohhhhh, setting aside time wondering how to keep you breathing my friend

You walking around and you think your ok
But you hit your head and your blood and your brains
Are all scattered on the floor and you down know whats happened to you

Hang My Head

Written By: Ode To Trees

Digging through your head again
I locked myself in my basement
I love so much the time we spend
cutting through the meaningless

My mothers at the door again
begging me to let her in
we know she can't understand
I'm 5 years old, now what a sin?

Now I, hang my head

Crying on the basement floor
its freezing cold but feels so warm
I see her feet under the door
she has no clue whats in store


Written By: Ode To Trees

I wish it had been raining
so it would have made since
The clouds above were green
like the time behind the fence

And my eyes just kept trying
to see through all of it
but as i walked through the front door
I swear I could feel my heart jumping though my skin

Softly, were do i go from here
Slowly, sharing me tears for fears

My bones weak
to my body a slave
we wake up in our nursery's
and we all fall asleep in our graves

I woke up for a moment
and remembered to breathe
It seems like our whole lives
we've all just been sitting, spinning visions in this dream

This Machine Has A Belly

Written By: Ode To Trees

Lets forget about our age
Lets step out into the night
I want to kiss yous face
Then ill know what it feels like

Heart hurts cause love burns
But I've never felt this way

Lets talk about old times
And pretend we never sinned
I've heard that crimes are fine
But ill never do that again


And when I promised you I'd do my best
They'd bury they're hands down deep in my chest


This Machine Has a Belly
What's a Sin?
Jar of Life
Two Confused feet
Turn out the lights
Church Chairs

Set List

Original Play List

This Machine Has a Belly
What's a Sin?
Jar of Life
Two Confused feet
Turn out the lights
Church Chairs
Tibs for the Chibs
Love Again
Body & Bones
Headaches & Cupcakes

Cover Play list:

I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) The Proclaimers
The Bucket (Kings of Leon)
California Waiting (Kings of Leon)
Use Somebody (Kings of Leon)
Wake Up (Arcade Fire)
Tunnels (Arcade Fire)
Chinese Children (Devendra Banhart)
At the Hop (Devendra Banhart)
Hellhole Rat race (Girls)
Strange Lights (Deerhunter)

This is their basic set of songs they choose from but have many more they can and enjoy playing.

Their typical sets last 30 minutes to an hour but are comfortable with longer sets.