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R&B, Soul and Hip Hop Producer and platinum songwriter OD Hunte had a No 1 with Natalia Druyts, placed tracks in many US films including American Pie 6 and Farce of The Penguins and games EA Sports NBA Live 07 and Fight Night Round 3 plus many shows such as Pimp My Ride, Next & Makin' The Band.


Like several other producers on the cutting edge,Trinidadian born producer / writer OD Hunte owes his start in music production in part to the production genius of Teddy Riley. Although OD had already been writing songs for several years when he moved to the UK it wasn’t until a University friend of his handed him a DAT containing out-takes of the Bobby Brown “Two Can Play That Game” master that the art of production began to unfold to OD. Several months later after graduating with a Physics and Modern Acoustics Degree OD became one of the first UK producers to start selling sample CDs internationally after attracting the attention of the UK’s biggest sample CD manufacturer. The resulting Freekee Jack Swing and 96th Street were calling cards for the introduction of OD to Extreme Music one of the biggest publishers in TV, film and commercials. OD produced an album and several tracks for the LA based music company.

A few months later after hearing tracks produced with singer Chantal Brown (Do Me Bad Things/ Atlantic), Missy Elliot personally called OD to request some backing tracks for Missy’s artists.

Fast forward to 2007 and what has been a busy number of years for OD is showing no signs of letting up. June saw OD join the elite ranks of platinum songwriters as his co-written track ‘I Was Born’ on Natalia Druyts’ SonyBMG release ‘Everything and More” sat on top of the Belgian national charts for five weeks. Then came the more major media placements in American Pie 6 Beta House and Paula Abdul’s Hey Paula for his Get Them Hands Hi track by his group Ten Days Till...

Back in the UK, many of the artists that OD has been producing, writing, remixing or mixing have begun to catch the public’s attention. Leona Lewis became a global star after spectacularly winning the X -Factor 2006 competition, Leon Jean-Marie signed to Island Records, and the front-man who coined a brand new music genre (Electro-soul) based on OD’s original backing track (Luving U), Tendai Tyson found his creative and commercial space in the group Unkle Jam (Virgin). But those events were just the start. Quite incredibly, for a non-major label backed producer, OD placed two tracks in major international games alongside platinum artists Akon, Gnarls Barkley, Black Eyed Peas, Lupe Fiasco and Dipset. The placement of Crook Dancin’ by Slic 1 in EA Sports Fight Night Round 3 and then Get Them Hands Hi in EA Sports NBA live by OD’s recording project Ten Days Till again showed OD’s world class production and writing was ear candy fit for international consumption. Get Them Hands Hi featured vocals by international star Lifford who found fame through the Artful Dodger’s Please Don’t Turn Me On. OD and Lifford have since completed their album entitled MusicSoulLife and are speaking to several US media companies about further synch opportunities. This is in keeping with OD’s run of getting his productions into US games, film and TV. OD has placed his tracks internationally in lifestyle shows such as MTV's Pimp My Ride, Next, Makin’ The Band, Yo Mama and Runs House, Date My Mom, Punk’d and literally hundreds of other shows. Films have included such international hits as American Pie 6, Dirty Pretty Things (Makin of A Million), Farce of the Penguins (Slic 1 - From The Start) with Samuel L Jackson and in 2007 Ping Pong Playa (Slic 1 - Wake Up Call). Not content with busying himself with music production OD has expanded into music video production. His directorial debut features Slic 1 and their new track Straight Knockin’.

So what’s next for this producer who never sleeps? “I want to continue to find and work with new and amazing talent. The thing about working with me is that as an artist you always sound better than before we worked together. I create landmark tracks. That’s what I do”, says OD. He does indeed.

Ten Days Till Biography

Serendipity affects us all at some point in our lives and for the most part it is only after the event we discover what it all means. When Producer OD Hunte overheard an American passer-by in London talking about ‘ten days till Washington’, the phrase struck him and he knew it had to be filed under ‘for future use’. At first he thought it might be the basis for a movie but then after meeting and recording three songs with singer songwriter Lifford from Artful Dodger’s ‘Please Don’t Turn Me On’ fame, he knew that he had found the place for Ten Days Till”.

Lifford and OD met several months before they finally made their first studio recording. Lifford was a performer on the Soul Stage at In The City 2005, the UK’s biggest unsigned music event and industry conference. OD had produced an artist who was also performing and Lifford’s then manager introduced the two and suggested that they collaborate. It was to be several months before the two could tie down a studio date together because of their respective workloads.

When OD and Lifford eventually commenced recording, one of the two tracks they completed


MusicSoulLife - Ten Days Till - EP
Get Them Hands Hi - Ten Days Till - Single
And Try - Ten Days Till - Single
GoodSide - Ten Days Till - Single
Back To The Hip Hop - K.O. and OD Hunte - EP
My Mind's State - Slic 1 - Album
Braaa Request the Text EP - OD Hunte ft General Levy