Odio París

Odio París

 Barcelona, Catalonia, ESP

"Odio París is Spain’s answer to The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, or something close to that. The band put out a nice mix between noise pop and easy-listening love songs. Their highly progressive, almost naïve field of music is well restrained and well balanced." ClubFonograma


Odio Paris (I hate Paris) is a band which had great repercussion in Spain with their first demo. They began approximately two years ago joining their passion for bands like Stone Roses, My Bloody Valentine, Field Mice, Another Sunny Day, Jesus and Mary Chain... When they began to play, they did not have a clear direction where to go, but they were up for a dense, atmospheric and full guitars sound which compete with pop melodies equally to equally. They felt comfortable there. They take care for sound to the maximum (not accidentally, his rehearsal place is named as "Noise Lab") looking for the suitable sound. Obviusly, to find it is necessary to have the suitable equipment: Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Vox, Rickembacker, Moog, Ampeg ... and a good collection of pedals. They are glad to have also a Theremin signed by Bob Moog. After the success of their " Maqueta nº1 " (one of the more discussed début album of last times in Spanish forums) recently they have launched the first single edited exclusively in vinyl of 7 called " Cuando nadie pone un disco ", composed by two tracks, " Cuando nadie pone un disco " (adapted lyrics from a poem of the deceased Pedro Casariego) and " Nada más lejos ". Two direct and forceful songs full topics of reverb that precede their LP début for Spanish Label El Genio Equivocado in march/april.


"Cuando nadie pone un disco" (single), 2010, Label: El Genio Equiovocado
"Odio Paris", 2011, Label: El Genio Equivocado