Dallas, Texas, USA

What really sets this band apart from their peers is their big vocals, the uncanny way in which they mesh their musical styles and their blatant disregard for genre cliches.


Odis debuted their first release (Feel) at the House of Blues to a CD release show that sold out in advance. With a solid Internet presence, hundreds of new fans came out to sing along with the band. Just two months later, Quick Magazine selected 'Feel' as the Big Album of 2008. 'Feel' was also picked as one of the Fort Worth Star Telegram's Top 20 Albums of 2008.

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Odis got their first break when the band caught the attention of the Lex & Terry Radio Network at a live show. The DJ tandem asked Odis for a demo and that was all it took to start an Odis frenzy on their nationally syndicated radio show. The response from the listeners was overwhelming. So much so, that Terry Jaymes then asked the band to play KDGE’s Edgefest and recalls, “It was very cool to see their audience grow from about 100 people to over 1,000 in just a couple of songs.” Odis continues to get live unprecedented airtime on Lex & Terry.

"Finally! Finally! Finally! Something new and exciting! Odis is not one of the whiney little bitch bands that I hear everyday. These guys are going to be huge. Go see them while you still can". ~ Terry Jaymes, Lex and Terry Radio Network

"The right albums always seem to find their way into your life at the right time. Take the past couple of weeks, for example. It's been blast-furnace hot outside and what could possibly go better with such stifling, sweaty weather than a disc stuffed full of slightly bluesy, sexy, crunchy rock that sounds phenomenal with a cold one in hand? Dallas quartet Odis has just such a record for your enjoyment, an 11-track affair titled Feel (produced by Will Hunt at Spaceway Studios) that swings, slashes and smokes. Frontman Larry Gayao has limber vocals that can curl from a snarl into a scream on a dime. Feel is confident without being cocky but conveys a sense of reckless abandon that must explode like nitroglycerine in concert." ~ Preston Jones, Fort Worth Star Telegram

"Odis is one of the most promising bands in Dallas right now. Their look, sound and hooks are some of the best the city has to offer." ~ Paul Salfen, the Dallas Morning News

“Odis and their song ‘Feel’ are off-the-chain good.” ~ Ayo, KDGE, the Edge Dallas

“These songs sure are catchy. Crowds should love these guys live.” ~ Hunter Hauk, Quick Magazine

Steadily building an audience at their live shows is where things have always happened for Odis. The band learned years ago that it was a personal connection from the stage that offered them the most acute experience. As Larry recalls, “We made a conscious decision to grown one person at a time, via that old cliché that is the ‘word of mouth’. It has been a lot of hard work, and taken a ton of time, but the band wouldn’t have it any other way. This is where we belong."

Odis' incendiary live show has propelled them to gigs at venues like the House of Blues and Stubb’s and with artists such as the Killers, Muse, Jet, the Redwalls Fiction Plane, Blue October and the Veils.

"We heart Odis. They make you want to dance and throw your clothing on stage." ~ Envy Magazine

"There’s one thing that cannot be denied about Odis’s debut album though: it’s catchy as hell. Even after only one listen of the album, you’ll find yourself humming “Lie to Me” and “It’s a Shame” (I know cause I did). There is no doubt that Odis’s music is “fun” in the truest sense of the word and can inspire even the shyest of concert or bar goers to stand up and dance for a song or two (with or without the influence of alcohol)." ~ Addicted To Shows

Currently Odis' 2010 schedule along with it's upcoming spring/summer tour precludes the release of the group’s new EP, which is set for release fall 2010/early 2011.

The group entered the studio in Janaury with producer Chad Copelin to record the follow-up to "FEEL". The up-and-coming producer has worked with bands and artists like Snow Patrol, Amy Lee (Evanescence), Crystal Castles, The Burning Hotels, and Graham Colton.

After spending the last two and a half years on the road, the guys are excited to get back in the studio. The band's time on the road has opened their eyes and ears to a lot of things. They love what they accomplished with "Feel", but want to branch out with their sound and test it with an EP rather than an album.

Larry (frontman) liked the idea of recording an EP and releasing it digitally to test the waters. Going this route the he feels the bands intentions will become clearer by the time they do a full album in 2011.

With a back-to-basics approach, their style has been perceived as rather refreshing and unpredictable. Fans say that Odis can be compared to the likes of Jamiroquai/Maroon 5 and/or Lenny Kravitz, only louder and with a “unique, retro rock” twist. The experts seem to lean more towards Billy Cox, Prince and/or Curtis Mayfield. Either way, the band believes they set new ground with their hybrid of independent modern rock and classic soul. The


Feel (2008 Miss Press)
1. It's A Shame
2. The Hardest Part
3. I'm Not Coming
4. Can't You See
5. Feel
6. Lie To Me
7. We Can Do It
8. Slip Away
9. Troubled Soul
10. Breakin' Me Down
11. Turn Down The Lights

Set List

Sets range from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Typical set lists include all songs from 'Feel' and several other original unrecorded songs.

Covers played include 'Maps' by Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, 'I Turn My Camera On' by Spoon and 'Ain't No Sunshine' by Bill Withers.

Sets can be performed acoustically, if appropriate.