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The best kept secret in music


"Glass Barricade EP Review"

By Aron Small

Almost schizophrenic in nature, vocalist Thomas Emmans Swithes from "brutal metal screaming to rich signing". Despite this initally obtuse approach, odium emits emotion without being emo. The opening riff to the title track could easily be a Sevendust lick. 'Machine Made' unsuccessfully tries to marry Tool and machine head. It's 'Insensate' that gets the gold medal at this podium-it instantly grabs hold of the listner, sweeps through peaks and valleys, unleashes angst and offers perfectly controlled aggression. Completly straightforward in every aspect, Odium plays thier best hand here -except for the closing scream, which is too unsettling an ending.

(7) out of (10) - Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles Issue #105


EP Glass Barricade
LP Serenity's End (Out in Oct/07)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Evolution is vital to the survival of any entity, and the quicker the process, the sooner that entity can come into its own and strive. In an impressively short amount of time since their inception, and in what would seem an evolution of emergency, Odium have become an extremely fine tuned musical machine with the songwriting and stage presence of a well-seasoned touring band. What began as two friends with a similar musical direction crafting songs together in a small town basement has since flourished into a five piece melodic metal band with an overpowering ambition. Drummer Joe Mullen and frontman Thomas Emmans continue to compose the group’s material together, along with bassist Bo Louther and guitarists Andrew Fullerton and Rob Richardson, who have since joined the fold and brought both musical proficiency and a similar will to strive along with them. Odium offer a focused and honest take on a genre oversaturated with bands, most of whom can easily be written off due to lack of conviction. And so while Odium’s brand of emotional metal that can transition flawlessly from brutally heavy riffs to cathartic choruses may initially sound familiar to a listener attuned to the genre, it quickly becomes clear that their dedication to the craft, and subsequent songwriting allow them to eclipse most of their peers. Glass Barricade is the band’s first offering to the masses, and the EP embodies their ambitions and intentions quite well. Recorded at Barrie, Ontario’s prolific Blue Box Studios with producer Jeff Wardell, these three songs display a wide array of the band’s capabilities, which in their diversity and proficient delivery are sure to impress any audience. For the most part, the riffs are straightforward and heavy as to not leave any listener behind. The songwriting avoids sounding forced or fake by being extremely lucid and relaying an honesty to the listener that can’t be ignored. Mullen’s ability behind the drum kit is definitely one of the driving forces behind the bands sound, which is instantly evident after even the shortest intake of the music, and Louther’s sharp bass performance rounds out the rhythm section beautifully. Richardson and Fullerton feed off of each other’s deliveries to create an enormous and punishing sound. In this sense (appealing to an effective clich..), Odium as an entity is greater than the sum of its parts. The clashing of opposing forces is the recipe for any monumental achievement, and so Emmans’ vocal performance acts as a perfect counterpart to Odium’s talents. Both live and on record, and with either shrieking screams or soaring melodies, his vocals are overpowering in stature and stand at the forefront of any experience one may have with the band. An extremely well trained voice allows him to seamlessly switch form brutal metal screaming that releases angst-filled lyrics to rich singing that omits a sense of hope at the end of the battle. Consequentially, this saves the band from basking in the melancholy so fitting of the genre, and adds yet another unique layer to the construct of Odium’s sound. Since the release of the Glass Barricade EP, the band has teamed with Toronto-based Misfortune Records, a professional and dedicated independent record label with extremely high hopes for both Odium and the scene of which they are now a part. Many sacrifices have already been made by each of the members to shape the band into its current form, and yet all are willing to even further oppress their personal ventures for the sake of Odium and the music they continually strive to make. Their evolution thus far makes it hard to doubt they’ll continue to grow into a more impressive body that will eventually become impossible to ignore. Even after an initial listen, Odium makes it abundantly clear that they’re ready for their journey, regardless of any snag that may dare obstruct their path.