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Belfast, Maine, United States | SELF

Belfast, Maine, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Americana


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Getting out of Portland with Ben Dennison"

OdLaW are doing their best to avoid labels by producing pure and minimal three-piece rock with a variety of seemingly conflicting influences that include California punk, alt-rock, country, and jazz. Giving themselves complete stylistic freedom and describing themselves as “eclectic alternative americana rock 'n' soul,” their debut album 1 shows hints of Johnny Cash and Frank Black backed with punchy beats, simplified melodies and deep grooves. - Dispatch Magazine March/April 2012

"OdLaW's Debut Album Fun and Diverse"

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“The band recorded “Odlaw 1” last summer and fall, at home in Waldo County. It’s a tight, clean recording, with standout tracks like “Wilted Flowers” and “Self Medicate” weaving between rock, punk and country with seemingly little effort. It’s accessible, fun stuff, and an immediately enjoyable album. The distinct songwriting voices keep everything interesting, merging two mindsets and styles into one cohesive whole.”

“The dual songwriting of Ladd and Weaver adds depth to the album. Ladd’s gravelly voice and country inflections play well against Weaver’s sense of melody and funk-punk bass-lines. Weaver’s songs bring to mind the Cars, punk band X and the Talking Heads, while Ladd brings a vibe that’s very much akin to Steve Earle and Wilco.”

“And yes, there’s a little alt-country, a little blues and rock in their sound, which is divided evenly between Ladd’s more country and blues-influenced songs and Weaver’s punk and indie leanings, all balanced out by drummer Gary Grant’s solid foundation.” - Bangor Daily News

"Music in the Metro"

OdLaW…Kind of an odd name, with an odd spelling. But look a little closer and you’ll notice that if you reverse the letters, it spells Waldo. As in Waldo County—which is where this band calls home.

“We honestly don’t know how to categorize our music,” says Jerry Weaver, the band’s bass player. “Others have called it things like progressive country rock, alternative blues, eclectic rock ’n’ soul, even new old wave. We just like to call it good music. One of the joys of playing in this band is that we don’t place any constraints on ourselves. It’s kind of like going back to the 60s. Everything is on the table.”

OdLaW is a trio of musicians that formed in the fall of 2008. Each of the members brings a unique background and sound into the mix.

Sam Ladd is the band’s lead guitarist and also handles the vocals. He’s a local boy, who was born and raised in Belfast. He’s been playing guitar since he was 10 years old.

“My sister’s boyfriend had a Harmony Archtop electric guitar,” Ladd says. “It had a crack in it, so he sold it to me for $5. From that day on, I was hooked. It was the best five bucks I ever spent.”

At 15, Ladd began writing his own songs and bought an acoustic guitar, since it was an easier instrument to compose with. Ladd would later become attracted to spiritual music, but he never lost his passion for blues, rock, and soul. As Ladd would say, “It’s all music.”

Gary Grant is the band’s drummer. His steady beat provides the foundation for the band’s tight sound. “I’ve been playing drums ever since I can remember,” Grant says. “It was something that I picked up really easily, and people kept encouraging me to keep playing. As it turns out, I never stopped.”

Grant is a veteran of many local bands, and is also the recipient of a prestigious award for drumming from the American Country Music Association.

Jerry Weaver, the band’s bass player, also sings. He’s a transplant from the West Coast, who made Maine his home in 1998. Weaver is also married to the band’s energetic manager, liaison, and cheerleader, Melinda Weaver.

Weaver’s diverse musical odyssey includes appearances at prominent Los Angeles venues, such as the Roxy and the Whiskey A Go Go (made famous by the Doors.) Weaver’s original songs also received radio airplay in the Los Angeles and Orange County markets.

You might say that Weaver is the straw that stirs the drink in this band. Drawing on his varied musical background, he’s constantly invigorating the band’s sound.

“I love introducing new ideas to the band,” Weaver says. “And Gary and Sam have been really receptive. But I also continue to learn from them. It’s a great collaboration.”

And that collaboration has produced a CD with music as diverse as the musicians themselves called OdLaW 1. It harkens back to a much more impulsive, free-spirited time in music. From muscular, pulsating rock songs like “Wilted Flowers” and the Hendrix-tinged “Thinking ’Bout Me,” to country/folk “Learn to Love,” the music pulls you right along.

Clearly, this album defies easy description or typecasting. And that’s just fine with the band. As Ladd concurred, “We just write songs.”
This is the type of CD that would drive today’s major record label executives crazy. It harkens back to a much more impulsive, free-spirited time in music.

From muscular, pulsating rock songs like “Wilted Flowers” and the Hendrix-tinged, “Thinking ‘Bout Me” to the deeply personal ballads like “Arizona” and the country/folk “Learn to Love,” this CD just pulls you right along. You might even find yourself cutting a rug to danceable tunes like “If You See Kay” and “Self Medicate.” There’s even the reggae- flavored, “Hey Now.”

Clearly, this album defies easy description or typecasting. And that’s just fine with the band. As Sam concurred, “We just write songs.” - Bangor Metro, March 2011


The band is preparing to release their second LP "Getting Us No Where" this summer of 2012.
OdLaW 1 was the debut full length release from this Maine based trio. Employing a diverse depth of influences from a range of musical genres, OdLaW has generated an eclectic (listen to a couple of tracks), americana, rock ’n’ soul sound unique to the band.
This compilation uses multiple musical styles to tell a story of a man under suspicion in the disappearance of his philandering wife… Seeking solace, or escape, his path leads to new locals and relationships… These encounters and situations, though varied in success, find their resolve with greater understanding, acceptance, and a desire for life's simpler pleasures... maybe...
The bands material drives, flows, grooves, rocks, bops, strums, swaggers, crunches, chills and bounces through ten original tracks.
(drives) 1. Wilted Flowers: the opening track is a rock ‘n’ roll grind of a mystery with sinister undertones.
(flows) 2. Arizona: a warm breeze of a road trip for the sake of love.
(grooves) 3. Psychic Chick: this groovy girl always knows what’s up.
(rocks) 4. Thinking ‘bout Me: a narcissistic funky blues rap jam.
(bops) 5. If you see Kay: a first love wrong choice punky pre-teen angst rock‘n’roll type thang.
(strums) 6. Learn to Love: good ol’ americana promise of dedicated love.
(swaggers) 7. Self Medicate: americana rockin’ tale of the perils and pitfalls of the simple life.
(crunches) 8. Everything is Fine: a grinding groove love song of true limited commitment.
(chills) 9. Favorite Tree: a mellow, ethereal journey in search of simpler times and places.
(bounce) 10. Hey Now: reggae-ish escape to northern maine.

OdLaW 1 spawned a feature article in Bangor Metro Magazine, a slot as Featured Artist of the Week on WERU 89.9, a song, Learn to Love, featured in a documentary, a great album review in Bangor Daily Newspaper, two music video's created by local teenagers, multiple music festival and Bull Moose Record Store Days performances, and radio airplay in the Bangor and Portland, Maine markets, as well as inclusion on several on-line radio outlets.
They have original video's for Wilted Flowers and Learn to Love, the youtube link is in our EPK as an extra site. They have more videos in production and are putting together their 2012 schedule. Second CD is in the works, summer 2012 release.



OdLaW is a Waldo county, Maine based band bringing together musician/writers with varied backgrounds to create an eclectic alternative americana rock 'n soul sound.
OdLaW concentrated their efforts on developing a cohesive unit and producing a catalog of original songs without stylistic constraints.
The purity of the three piece and a conscious effort towards simplicity of lyric and melody come together to create a sound unique to the band.
OdLaW's live performance draws from decades of rock, country, blues, pop, soul and more to keep body and mind moving.
OdLaW's original material carries, pushes, pulls and drags the listener from start to finish with a variety of style and sound often claimed but rarely accomplished.

OdLaW is:
Jerry Weaver: bass/voc
Sam Ladd: gtr/voc
Ed Tempesta: drum/voc

Jerry Weaver (bass/vocals): Jerry, a transplant from the west coast, made Maine his home in 1998. In the 1990's he garnered airplay of his original material on major market outlets in California (Los Angeles/Orange counties) and performed to full houses at such historic venues as The Roxy and The Whiskey A Go Go. He has also received international airplay via inclusion of tracks on industry compilation disc's.

Ed Tempesta (percussion/voc) New to the group, this drummer will propel this uniquely comprised unit ever forward.

Sam Ladd (guitar/vocals): Sam has been a perpetual student of the six string instrument since childhood. His thoughtful handling of this conveyor of modern popular music, the guitar, is displayed throughout this current endeavor. He has honed his skills playing, singing and writing, with prior releases in the spiritual and blues genres and continues to stretch his personal boundaries with this venture.