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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
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Non non, Odonis Odonis n’est pas le nouveau restaurant grec qui a ouvert en bas de chez vous, mais bien ce groupe de Toronto emmené par Dean Tzenos – découvert suite à un split EP en bonne compagnie de Lotus Plaza sur Palmist et auteur l’année passé d’Hollandaze (écouter) paru via Daps et FatCat Records - à qui l’on reprochait de marcher un peu trop assidûment dans les pas de Mike Sniper et de ses Blanks Dogs. D’évidence avec une formation manipulant concomitamment les codes génétiques garage et shoegaze pour caréner ses desiderata pop, soit on se contente pour les décrire d’empiler les références – des plus anciennes (The Jesus and Mary Chain) aux plus récentes (Naked on the Vague) -, au point de laisser tomber et s’adonner aux dites références, soit on fait preuve de patience contrite dans la maturation de leurs épanchements réverbérés. S’agissant des Canadiens, la seconde option semble la bonne, tant l’EP Better à paraître le 16 avril sur Buzz Records – et dont le morceau-titre est dévoilé ci-après – esquisse une voie nouvelle dans leur approche musicale, et ce, dans l’optique d’un LP annoncé depuis presque deux ans, Soft Boiled Hard Boiled. Délaissant un surf-gaze primaire pour un groove infectieux teinté de sonorités industrielles, Odonis Odonis se métamorphose en oiseau de nuit à la voilure d’autant plus fascinante que mâtinée d’électronique. Et là du coup, on pense à Liars et leur album éponyme de 2007 (lire). Saleté de références. - Hartzine

"good listener"

There's so much to love in this two-minute scorcher from the Toronto-based industrial surfgazers--the funky post-punk bass groove, the spooky shrieks that you know are coming but still make you jump a little, and then all the mysterious clicks and clacks and zinks and zoinks that make appearances intermittently. They've got an EP coming out April 16 on Buzz Records, and an upcoming tour supporting Metz as well. - NYLON

"Odonis Odonis: "Better""

If you go to Odonis Odonis' Facebook page, you'll find "Industrial Surfgaze" listed under the genre category in the 'About' section. If that's how they choose to describe themselves, who is anyone else to argue? Thus, Toronto Industrial Surfgaze trio Odonis Odonis, have shared "Better" the eponymous track from their upcoming EP. The bassline, which sounds like a very morose Talking Heads melody, anchors the track, which is punctuated by horror-movie-esque shrieks and shrill yelps, combining to create an incredibly tense atmosphere of camp dread.

You can hear and download "Better" over at the band's Soundcloud, and then head to Buzz Records to pre-order the EP, which is out April 16. - Ad Hoc

"Odonis Odonis, “Better” MP3"

After some time on the road, Toronto post-punk outfit Odonis Odonis is back with a follow-up to their 2012 Hollandaze debut. “Better,” the first single, is terse and tightly wound in a way that feels delightfully sinister—until it it erupts in the occasional guitar wail and bloodcurdling shriek, that is. The new EP, Better, is out April 16th via Buzz Records. - The FADER

"Live (The Week's Top Gigs)"

The sound quality in Coalition is poor, but the rough and ready kicks from Toronto's Odonis odonis ensure it doesn't matter. "Are We Friends sounds like QOTSA doing New Order and shows that debut LP "Hollandaze" is just the tip of the Iceberg for this lot. - NME

"Review: Odonis Odonis - Hollandaze"

Crafting a sound that's as aggressive as it is hypnotic... Hollandaze remains a distinctive work throughout its duration, its influences readily audible, but layered and pieced together in consistently intriguing ways. - Absolute Punk

"Odonis Odonis / Moon King / Snail Party The Spill, Peterborough ON November 22"

Dean Tzenos started something spectacular when he created Odonis Odonis, and their live performance does nothing but confirm this belief. - Exclaim!

"Top 5 Indie/Rock/Pop Releases: November"

There’s something warm even in the cold guitar clanging on Odonis Odonis’s debut full length Hollandaze. Banging out bold and concise slabs of murky guitar haze, lo-fi rarely sounds this together, and the Toronto trio’s debut, though pretty poppy, almost recalls other local noise heroes Metz in its skilled brashness. Intuitive arrangements drip with attitude while nervy diversions like the end of “Busted Lip” sound like both the shoegazey past and the bleak future, set in a lo-fi industrial dream-like loop. Hollandaze has it so together that when you listen to it you almost lose sight of that. (Buzz Records/Daps Records/Pleasance Records) - AUX.TV

"Video Premiere: Odonis Odonis - Ledged Up"

The video for Canadian rockers Odonis Odonis' new single "Ledged Up" is a homage to classic psychological horror films by Alfred Hitchcock. The clip, which was shot entirely on green screen and then treated in post-production to resemble the cover of their new album Hollandaze, is intended to introduce viewers to the album's distinctly surreal aesthetic. - Rolling Stone

"Odonis Odonis - Hollandaze"

Crafting a sound that’s as aggressive as it is hypnotic… Hollandaze remains a distinctive work throughout its duration, its influences readily audible, but layered and pieced together in consistently intriguing ways. - Absolute Punk

"PREMIERE: Odonis Odonis - Mr. Smith"

Dean Tzenos goes old school with a surfy, shoegaze pop ethos that features Pixies melodicism and Big Black distortion. - RCRD LBL

"Odonis Odonis signs with FatCat Records"

The Toronto-based musician’s solo work under Odonis Odonis has now taken flight with his signing to legendary FatCat Records. The band’s visceral take on 80's punk hooks and lo-fi distorted melodies will find itself quite at home on a label that’s cultivated such stalwarts as Sigur Rós and Animal Collective. - Consequences of Sound


[a] real surf-gaze killer jam! - Subbacultcha!

"Under The Influence // Odonis Odonis (& Exclusive Track Of The Day)"

An easy track of the day if you ask us. - 405

"Watch: Odonis Odonis – Blood Feast"

Toronto’s Odonis Odonis have unleashed a glorious, jarring nastiness that fuelled Albini’s sonic fury. - The Line of Best Fit

"NXNE 2011: Five things we learned at F–ked Up"

Odonis Odonis is going to make it. - National Post

"Iceage / METZ / Odonis Odonis The Shop - Parts & Labour, Toronto ON August 17"

the trio filled the void fittingly with their guttural, Mclusky-esque punk, making them ones to definitely keep on the radar. - Exclaim!

"Odonis Odonis - Hollandaze"

17 Seconds: Imagine a world in which Lux Interior (RIP) of The Cramps fronted The Pixies in their prime and created a sound designed meet The Birthday Party head on and send The Horrors running back to their Mums in Southend. Welcome to the world of Odonis Odonis. - 17 Seconds

"Odonis Odonis - Hollandaze"

When you hear that an album has a ‘big sound’ you generally know what to expect. But Odonis Odonis have actually delivered a debut album with a gigantic sound. - The Rock Club

"Odonis Odonis - Hollandaze"

“Hollandaze” has all the grime of early Tarantino and should excite fans of Sebadoh or The Jesus and Mary Chain. - High Voltage

"Odonis Odonis - Hollandaze"

[i]t's a work of art. - 7 Bit Arcade

"Odonis Odonis - Hollandaze"

Dean Tzenos’ homage to Albini and bands like pre-grunge luminaries Tad is utterly exhilarating… A blindingly good debut. - Clash Magazine (Print Version)

"Odonis Odonis - Hollandaze"

An obscenely prolific polymath, Dean Tzenos has already slotted the follow-up to ‘Hollandaze’ for Spring 2012. He’s the non-dead Jay Reatard, the Nathan Williams it’s ok not to punch in the face…. - VICE (Print Version)

"Odonis Odonis - Hollandaze"

An obscenely prolific polymath, Dean Tzenos has already slotted the follow-up to ‘Hollandaze’ for Spring 2012. He’s the non-dead Jay Reatard, the Nathan Williams it’s ok not to punch in the face…. - VICE (Print Version)


April 2013: Better EP (Buzz)
September 2012: Wipeout Beat (Daps)
November 2011: Hollandaze LP (Canada: Daps, Buzz & Pleasence; Int'l FatCat)
May 2011: Busted Lip/Handle Bars 7" (We Are Busy Bodies)
July 2011: Lotus Plaza/Odonis Odonis 12"-Split (Palmist)
November 2011: Hollandaze (FatCat)



Industrial surfgaze outfit Odonis Odonis is the brainchild of prolific polymath, Dean Tzenos. Having spent 2012 supporting their debut LP, Hollandaze, with luminaries such as Ty Segall, Fucked Up and Mogwai; Odonis Odonis now return with the Better EP (April 16, 2013).

If Hollandaze was a campy b-horror movie, than Better plays out more like a true cult horror classic. Mixing violent guitar stabs over moody drums and bass, Better evokes a sense of looming dread that’s nipping at your heels. The intensity is blindingly twisted. Unpredictable. And you’ll be gripping your seat until your heart comes to a full stop.

Alongside bandmates Jarod Gibson (THIGHS) and Denholm Whale, Odonis Odonis will be hitting the road in support of Better including METZ’s Spring 2013 US tour, 35 Denton (w/ The Soft Moon) and Austin Psych Fest (w/ A Place to Bury Strangers).

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