In the expanding universe of music, elements have collided and conspired to create a new nebula on the horizon. Somewhere between swamp and sap, garage and mainstream, jam and jingle, eclectic and electronic, cutting edge and classic is where you’ll find the music of ODOS, One Degree Of Separation.


A band...started as a collection of wandering artists and friends who found themselves linked in an orbit of creativity some would call coincidence…
A sound...formed on a foundation resonating respect for their influences without ripping them off. Listen and you’ll hear touches seeping from the subconscious collective. These band members form a sound not easily defined but definitely dig-able. Known for the diversity of styles they display, an ODOS show can go from southern rock to electronic space funk, and then roots rock to Caribbean calypso. Songs that call for revolution and reflection…or just a rowdy good time!
ODOS has just completed and released their first full length album, Uncharted, and is currently out creating a scene on the scene, jamming and spreading their musical message that we are all only separated by one degree.


Uncharted- 2007

Set List

Hit Ya
Save the Day
I Sight
Sign of Life
E Funk
High Roller
La Madeleine
B Jam
Your Head
Discount Bin
Self Destruction

*all originals*