Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


At a time when originality is in short supply, this Minneapolis based group boasts a rare combination - 2 lead singers and songwriters. After meeting in the summer of 2003 and than again in the spring of 2004, Bart Phillips and Jeromy Darling began meeting on a regular basis, to share their music and ideas. What began as friendship developed into a musical brotherhood rooted in faith and music. After countless discussions and doubts, odyc was born.

Than came Lucas. In the summer of 2004, Lucas Shogren, a gifted cellist, was introduced to Bart and Jeromy through mutual friends. Already touring the world with an award winning quartet, Lucas brought a trained ear and incredible experience (including a solo with the great Ray Charles) to odyc. Rounding out the group is Matt Terry on drums, Jason Roath on bass (both longtime friends of Jeromy) and Mike Rose on percussion.

Last spring, after receiving some unexpected, private donations, odyc began working on their first album, Black Sun Rising. Offering an honest look at the state of humanity, and our place in it all, Bart and Jeromy wade through their own personal shortcomings, fears and promises, fighting for survival in a world where only the truth survives.


You're My Demon

Written By: Jeromy Darling

I don't want to make this long
I've been dying just to move
I've lost my mind so many times
I've been broken down so low for you
When you slipped into my heart love
I embraced you from the start
Like a little child reaching for a blade
And I've got no one left but me to blame

I can breathe, I can learn, take me to the river
Make it bleed, make it burn, make me a believer
Show me love, show me love, show me your deliverance

Let me make this crystal clear
So that when I walk away
You won't try to justify yourself
And the hell you put me through
You've broken every bone I have inside
And kissed me every time you lied
And no one else can help me believe
So write this down now, "Take your hands off of me."


Let me go
Let me go
Let me go
Let me go

So brace yourself my will has come alive


Goldmine (All On You)

Written By: Bart Phillips

Oh so unsettled you wish
You could cry when no one could hear
Though you know better still
Your hearts been dead for years

You're resting on a real gold mine
But you've got no way to dig
'Till you wake to find
You've wasted all your time...on you

You've defended lies so long
Your ships been lost at sea
You never could wise up long enough
To see the way some see


Maybe there's a thing or two
You can't bear to reveal
Maybe that's all that holds you back
From the hand that heals


You lost your first love
Now run to him
Run to him


Salt Water Taffy

Written By: Jeromy Darling

You said it's not about the level of disgrace
But I know when you go, that I'll just stay behind
And I don't care if it's a stupid thing to say
I'm a fool and it shows

So don't you tell me that I'm worthy
I am not the only one who thinks that...
...if I take it I will break it
I can't make it now
I let it slip away

So what about the words that haunt me every day
I'm not good enough
I haven't seen enough yet
If you could show me now what makes me feel this way
I would follow you
Remove this hollowed innocence


If this is what you wanted
If this is what you needed me to be
Than I'll be what you wanted
But you have got to give me eyes to see
Cause it's killing me

And this is all that I can give to you right now
I don't have much
But you don't need much
So show me all the different colors that you bear
I can feel them, but I wanna see them everywhere

If this is what you wanted
If this is what you needed me to be
Than I'll be what you wanted
But you have got to give me eyes to see
Cause it's saving me


Black Sun Rising (Jack's Music Lab, 2005)

Set List

Typical set is 45 minutes. Covers include "Hey, Hey, My, My" by Neil Young and "Walk In Fire" by the Doves.