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"Odynophagia" is 22 year old, San Francisco based rapper, producer, Gregg Golding. He presents a style of bold gestures, symbolic confession, philosophical discourse, idiosyncratic humour and spiraling word games(rhymes and units) over an equally versatile and singular style of hip hop beatscape.


Born from the pathogen energy field of eastmost midland westpoint. Odynophagia and his sister Dysphasia immediately, forcefully inhabited attractive, contrasting gender, host bodies, to spread their code lesson "all emphatic residence is genocidal"

Odyn, always the more widespread virus, chose flight through the conglomerate of hip hop, Dysphasia chose the protest of self monk aflame(R.I.P)…or did she?

Influenced as much by the underground hip hop of the last 10 years, UK grime, the annuls of my sordid existence, & surrealist automatism, Odyn builds an all together new sound path that just might lead you to the precipice of truth.

He is pleased to announce his first LP and volume of instruction "Social Masque" to be released in this fiscal year, 2008


LP: Social Masque- complete- 2008(to be self released or through a label)

Set List

recent typical sets last approximately 30 to 45 minutes and feature about 8 songs from my current LP. Staples are generally:

Lymphnode Factory Powercoat,Desolocation,Odynophagia, Social Masque,Dyspheria and a totebag, The Container is pervasive, Fuck the format, Greiveneedle

Depending on the vibe, sets will also include acapellas, freestyling and live beat improvisation