O Emperor

O Emperor


Single PO released this coming June. Debut Album "Hither Thither" out this October. Finalist of the Williamsburg Live Song Contest NYC '08. Winners of the National Student Music Award '07.


O Emperor have spent the best part of a year writing and recording their first album in a cold country house. The band chose to undertake the project themselves, allowing ample room for tinkering with ideas, arrangements and a myriad of different instruments. In doing so, they were constructing what was to become a multi-faceted, thought-provoking record which is at once arresting but slightly unsettled. In the process of creating this, the band found a middle ground between experimentation and self-indulgence, giving rise to something that is unique and atypical, but still accessible. The band's first single from the album will be released in June.



Written By: Paul Savage


Written by: Paul Savage

Despite all the raining and the wind and the snow,
Nobody ever saw him, noboby saw Po.
Born to no parents no conceivable birth,
Occupies mass and space with no value or worth.

Who are you who? And who are who?
Poor old Po where has he been? His eyes in the mirror are the only things that shows him.

Colours and shapes only laugh at him.
Outlines have stated their disdain for his frail frame.
But then one night at his home in a tree,
Came a 'rat rat tattle' on his door that made him feel unease.

And who could this be? Who could this be?
'Mr Po, where have you been?
I'm a tax man official and you owe, you owe use quite a bean!'

And Poor old Po, oh where did you go?
Once upon a time, you played in his mind,
But the cruel tricks of time had planned for you to
Resign from your post, now just a ghost,
Mr Po how hard you were hit, you'll have to wait in line to claim your social benefit!


"I want It" single released Feb 07." I Want It" got extensive national airplay, including on the leading stations 2fm and Today FM. It also won Jackie Hayden's Pick of the Fortnight in Hot Press magazine. Debut album due for release in October '09.

Set List

45 min set. Songs: Small town, Local Hero, Heisenburg, Shades of December, Devil Don't Dance, All Worked Out, Some small matter, One-Horse Guy, The Fat Lady Sings, Silence the World.