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- Dreams Stay
- Unfolding Complication
- Fire Evacuation
- Far Reach

Working On:
- Intro
- Piano song1
- Piano song2
- Gravitation
- Upcoming Storm




The name is made to be artistic in design, mostly visual design. That's the gist what we strive for - artistry, rather than popularity and nonsensical loudness that some bands seem to prefer.

By artistry, we mean many different things:

- Creative structure of song to best present the lyrical content (We try to create our songs in different structures than the mundane ones like Start - Verse1 - Chorus - Verse2 - Chorus - Diff - End)

- Fine-tuned lyrics that best present the idea - rather than being merely straightforward so that any listener can understand at their first trial

- Intricate composition that aims for much more than "sticking it into the listener's head" - much more than commercial songs - we aim for artistic work. By that we mean we present our songs to artists rather than the public. Thus, to best enjoy our work a close regard is required.

- Emotional content (in lyrics); a song without emotion is a song without passion, a dry song. It also means the song has nothing to do with us; and therefore very dishonest and probably also having little to do with listeners because the songwriter would have known little about the lyrics himself. We are honest, and present our true emotions - in fact, the most extreme emotions we encounter. By doing so we believe we are fine-tuning the artistry of our songs. It cannot be avoided, though, that only the people who have felt similar emotions before will emphatize with our songs and enjoy them best.

- Creativity in instrumentation; if it sounds better, we incorporate new instruments into our songs, such as the piano, the strings orchestra, and 6-string bass. We do not confine ourselves to the electric guitar, bass, and drums.

As we yet lack experience and therefore some skill, we try our best in the due time we are given.

Yoon Ho Jung

Yoon Ho started writing songs - at first not very seriously - from the winter of 2004, in 8th grade. He was inspired with a friend Hyunjei while preparing together for (not really) the SAT, whose score they needed to submit to gain entrance to a summer-school program called CTY. During preparation at an academy, Yoon Ho and Hyunjei talked with ferverent interest about the rock songs they loved - the style, lyrics, and structure. They made a promise to themselves that they would start writing songs as soon as the SAT test was over. And after the test, the two best friends got right to work. They started with only a cheap, classical guitar; they knew nothing more about songwriting. At first, no matter how hard they thought, nothing came to them; but they became better as they did this over a long period of time. They eventually came upon a computer program called Guitar Pro 4, a songwriting program that even sounded the written notes, and this is when Yoon Ho could really start writing songs - he would meditate all day at school about new, creative melodies, come home to quickly write them down in Guitar Pro 4, and ponder over them for the rest of the day.

Before meeting Hyunjei, Yoon Ho was not very interested in Rock; rather, he listened to Rap. Hyunjei introduced Yoon Ho to Rock and later played a part in introducing him to songwriting. Hyunjei, therefore, is a best friend who really changed the course of his life for the better. Without Hyunjei Yoon Ho would probably have never embarked on this composition odyssey, much less have such a strong love and affinity for rock music.

Yelim Lee


Jaesuk Park


The three met in high school and made a songwriting team. Soon to be an official school club, Oeniques strives for serious songwriting work.