Of Aeons and Espers

Of Aeons and Espers


Progressive/Experimental hard rock/metal band with a hint of Jazz/Latin influence. Screaming sounds good, Singing sound amazing! Everyone in the band is highly skilled at their instrument.


Of Aeons and Espers have been looked at as the harder version of The Mars Volta. We get very Progressive and Experimental, especially when we hit our Latin Jazz sections of our music. We get deep into sound affects and display chaos from time to time. We are starting to combine at classical feel to the mix also. The drummer is a Jazz/Latin drummer while the singer love to hit his high notes. Both guitars love to solo, and from time to time do some harmonized shredding. The bassist can play any riff and put some pretty sweet bass lines together. The band is know for putting on great shows. The singer Is the best front man anyone can offer. He is very entertaining. We have been known to throw a pretty hard set, will not bore you with straight metal, we are creative, we keep you guessing. We love the audience to have as much fun as we do. We are Of Aeons and Espers, the Progressive, Experimental, metal band from Centralia WA!


We have a 4 disc concept album we are currently writing. Out now is the Hamartia EP!

Set List

We on Average run an hour set list.
some songs can go on for 3 minutes while others are around 7- 9 minutes. Our set list ends with a bang. Our show is like a roller coaster. You never want it to end, because its so crazy.