Of Broken

Of Broken


New age rock that pulls influence from bands like Chevelle, Staind, All American Rejects and Breaking Benjamin. Hard hitting guitar lines and polar vocals. Guitar and lyrical hooks meant for the radio!


Of the bands intriguing name, Of Broken's mid-twenties front man (jason) smiles and says, Everyones of broken something, being homes, relationships, trust or promises. Thats what we relate to. That's we write about".
Of Brokens heavily textured grooves, understated vocal choices and raw guitar energy have brought comparisons to the likes of Chevelle, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, All American Rejects and Staind. The greatness of those groups not withstanding; there is something else present with Of Broken that defies comparison. The entire group is from northern Maryland and are looking for shows all over the US so if you have any to share, let them know!



Written By: Jason Peltzer

Theres something in the way - you
put yourself inside me then you
turn around and play me like a fool
full of regret just
thinking about the time I wasted
all my feelings suffocated
I wanted you to breathe
(every last breathe that I had)
I wanted you to see me
and I know you wont forget it

im staring to watch you breathe
hold it in again
how much more until I bleed it
over and over

some things never change - in
the midst of revelation and this
upcoming confrontation
but I know - if
I can make it through the taste
easier the wear upon my face


Of Broken Self Titled - 2003
Locate the Grey Demo - 2004
Crack The Whip EP - 2006

Set List

In Angst
This Time
Flashbacks and Memories
Locate the Gray
Steal to Remember
Sometimes Blind
SET=45-60 mins