Catchy hooks, groove rock, and good looks make OF BROKEN the hottest original East Coast rock band of this decade. These boys have gained loyal fans at a rate only rivaled by the top rock bands on the charts today and with a new full length album and music video as arsenal, they're unstoppable.


OF BROKEN draws much of their musical influences from groups such as Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, and the All American Rejects, yet retain their own mind-blowing originality with their crunchy guitars, immense radical drums, and harmonious vocal melodies. OBK calls Baltimore MD their home but these guys are instantly recognized by their clear-cut rhythms, melodic twists and passionate lyrics up and down the coast.
The band has graced the stage with great bands such as Papa Roach, Lennex, Jimmies Chicken Shack, City Sleeps, Pat McGee Band and Naughty By Nature and are featured on 98ROCK Baltimore, DC101 Washington DC, 96ROCK Ocean City, MD, and most recently were in the top contenders for the DC101 Last Band Standing with shock joc ROACH in the afternoons and won the Downtown Countdown NYE celebration 07-08. The fellas have toured most of the East Coast from South Carolina to Northern New York and have a national tour planned for summer '08 supporting there freshman album "The Panic".
You can follow OF BROKEN on college radio stations across the nation and their new CD, “The Panic” will be ready for release in April 2008.

Check them out now at www.myspace.com/ofbrokenband
For Contact/Booking information:

ofbrokenbooking@yahoo.com (general inquiries)
or call Chris Rhoades (Tour Manager) @ 240-446-5247
MANAGEMENT - OPUS ENT. Steven Roeser Esq. (California) 650-269-4143


Still Frames

Written By: Peltzer

you like the way I touch your skin when you know I'm not looking but there's something wrong with me - it's you - and there's not mch that we can do we try to protest where we stand we're lost and no one hears me
just show me where I'm going...tell me it's not too late tonight
chapter II and I 'm still in love with you on to III what the Hell happened to me I lost my pride the day you soaked up the light I had but I know things like this can change, no one will ever be the same so I beg you I'm so lost now and no one hears me
oh no I know better than I even know myself
take me away; I don't want this on my life today
...and then I see you

Sometimes Blind

Written By: Peltzer

I am your American dream and
I'll be whomever I choose to be
no one, nothing, anything is quite like you
so close not quite to being the someone you'd like
if I even cared - a little bit - I might try
but I try and I try...to forget
It's strange sometimes, I don't feel so blind
you're amazing and beautiful and wise beyond years
you're a memory good and bad, courage and fear
a sentiment of solitude proud as can be
but the fact of the matter is...you're not meant for me
you say hello but I always say the same
can't believe I have found myself inside of this game again
If I had confidence, I would just leave
but here I am again and this is really nothing new
that you had the right to make me once again choose
between myself and my dignity
and it's strange sometimes, I don't feel so blind
I can't be
if you're not meant for me

Your Attention Please

Written By: Peltzer

can I have your attention please? I'm not talking for my health. while your down here on your knees and you're reaching up for help. I don't understand the things you say, unless you say them loud. I know I'm not the modest one, cause I am way too proud to. I don't want to see you like this, I don;t want to see your face anymore - no - you lost your way looking for the answers or anything to bring you home you lost your way and I don't need to bother anymore. I don't need to understand every single word you say when you open your month your tongue gets in the way I don't want to see you like this I don't want to see THAT face anymore Don't you ever wonder? if it's me you're looking for knock down every single door till it's over. Don't you ever worry? if it's me who plays the fool -acts like every thing is cool till it's over


The Panic - Released April 1, 2008
End of the Beginning - EP February 2007
Crack the Whip - September 2005
Of Broken-Self Titled Album 2003

Set List

Typical Set list would include all original music with a run time of 1.5 Hours.