O.F.C (Onlyforchampions)
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O.F.C (Onlyforchampions)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Hip Hop Pop


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"Only For Champions"

Industry MOOVS – ‘Only for Champions’ – Fall Issue 2011

Only For Champions or O.F.C. made up of three talented individuals, Dante Aniki, Jay Seale and Kevin. They decided to combine their talents and create O.F.C. in December 2010. These artists want to entertain and produce the highest quality music. They want people to enjoy their music and somehow inspire people to make positive changes in their lives. O.F.C. is in the process of
completing their first and upcoming mixtape, ‘Training Day.’ The drop date for the mixtape is November 2011. O.F.C.’s goal is to get their music out and make a name for themselves in the industry. The message in their music is a positive one. It is basically three young men, telling their story of trying to achieve their goals, while dealing with the obstacles that stand in their way.

MOOV: “Was there anyone you looked up to? If so, who and why?”

DA: “The person I looked up to was Michael Jordan because he could overcome any obstacle that was placed before him.”

Jay Seale: “I looked up to Michael Jackson and Bob Marley the most because they believed that music could heal the world. They put their heart and passion into their music.”

Kevin: “I really looked up to Bob Marley as a great role model, growing up partly in Jamaica. He was definitely a great musical influence for me because he always sang for the people and stood up for what’s right.”

MOOV: “Why do you feel that music is important?”

O.F.C.: “Growing up in Rexdale, we didn’t have many mentors/positive influences in our lives. Music was the medium that
allowed us to maintain good spirits.”

MOOV: “What inspires your creative expression, drive and hard work?”

DA/Jay Seale: “Women and every negative person in our lives that we don’t want to end up like.”

Kevin: “Well music in general inspires me a lot. If I go out and hear something new I always try and go back to the studio and make something better. Also, a lot of producers from Toronto inspire me. I look at them like competition, to further my work ethic when making music.”

MOOV: “As entrepreneurs, what are the challenges or obstacles have you come across and how did you overcome them?”

O.F.C.: “People (haters) telling you that you can’t do it and shady engineers/producers, but we won’t name any names. The way we overcame this is by coming to the conclusion as a group that we will move on and whatever happened in the past shall stay there.”

MOOV: “What are your greatest accomplishments or proudest moments in your entrepreneurial journey thus far?”

O.F.C.: “We are starting to get some looks and attention from American Talent Agencies that are feeling our music. We feel that being recognized south of the border is always a plus.”

MOOV: “Do you have a team you would like to mention?”

O.F.C.: “We would like to shout out Lost Scrupples Fam, Teamlightskin, Voodoo Records, Definitely Pure Ent. and MOOV .”

MOOV: “What wise advice can you give up-and-coming entrepreneurs in your field?”

O.F.C.: “Everyone has an opinion, if we gave into satisfying every single mind out there we’d lose sight of our own vision. There’s a big difference in being open minded and just being completely influential. Take the criticism head on while keeping your head up at the same time. The burden of being unappreciated is one you probably won’t win against. Simply put, just don’t give up.”

MOOV: “What’s your next MOOV? What can we expect from you in the near future?”

O.F.C.: “We’re working on our next single which will actually introduce Training Day, its called “Untitled.” It basically tells a piece of our story and we will be releasing a video for it. Lastly we’re trying to get the Training Day mixtape released before December, it looks bleak but we have a positive strive towards that goal.” ~ - MOOV Magazine


Only For Champions first mixtape "Training Day," is set to drop 2012. The mixtape shows the different creative expressions from all three artists as well as what life has been for them so far. With beats produced by That Dude and clever wordplay from Jay Seale and Dante, it looks to be a problem. There new Single "Do it all" Is already getting medium rotation on Lick FM.



Toronto, Ontario’s O.F.C. (Only for Champions), comprise of three young men all whom grew up with one another. Knowing each other since childhood has allowed each member to understand the other and feed off of each talent. These three young men individually and as team member’s possess a tremendous amount of talent musically. Each with their own taste and something different to offer, their music becomes tranquilizing to the listener as they thrive on offering something new and fresh to the ear. Specializing in several genres; touching Hip Hop, Urban and Club, O.F.C caters to many different music fans almost of any genre. With "That Dude” producing beats, "Jay Seale" as the main emcee and "Dante Aniki" producing lyrical support, together as a trio and team are musically and lyrically eager to hype up their next crowd. O.F.C stops at nothing to do what they have always sought out to do; that is to make GREAT Music. The groups’ determination to learn and expand their talents have made them eager and given them the drive to make the best music possible. Having several family members in the industry has allowed the O.F.C to appreciate real talent and clearly define great music from good music when they hear it. Each having their own roles they master just that. Each put in their utmost to perfect their craft. With many years totaled in dabbling, producing and making music, O.F.C is on the rise.
Having worked hard thus far and will always continue to do so O.F.C is set to release their first mix tape "Training Day," in spring 2012. This mix tape is sure to awaken new fans and bring something new to the industry. “Training Day” is not your typical Hip Hop/Urban album but one that will open eyes to a whole new vision of what music should be about. Known by their peers for having a different approach to lyrical content, O.F.C is confident they have conquered what they had set out to do. Several televised interviews and live performances are scheduled for O.F.C in 2012. 2012 is the year for “Training Day”. Always writing new music and lyrical content, O.F.C is already working on their second album set to be out for release in the latter part of 2012. Now at the young age of 23, “That Dude”, “Jay Seale” and “Dante Aniki” have all the inspiration in the world, with research, experience, lyrical writing and singing/rapping talents O.F.C is more than ready to take the music Industry to different levels. Influenced by countless sounds, ideas, histories and trials and tribulations O.F.C, as a group have written over 30 songs, all with original instrumentals. They are eager to write more and look forward to producing their next masterpiece. With O.F.C’s diverse lyrical content, relentless punch lines and confident yet humble attitude and O.F.C is sure to make a dent in the music Industry as it should expect to hear a lot more from them soon. For O.F.C this is just the beginning, its “Training Day”.