OFD - Oliver Frederic Dieck

OFD - Oliver Frederic Dieck

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OFD - Oliver Frederic Dieck : Im one of the best music composers - arrangers with 37 years of experience begining in the age of five presenting hip hop,rock,dance,r & b,musical,rock, jazz, new symphonies and operas playing all by midi keyb and singing. Performers , labels , a & r, friends wanted


Strting composing with five first classical prelude in the age of 11 (Jeunesse 2) following to Bach.Later ot of pop music and jazz.1984 Judy Cheeks Stevie wonder Backsinger in my house.1986 flight in of Mariah Carey with Ma Patricia operasinger to Munich and invention of her h and advises but staying in Europe doing not first album with Margulies and Lawrece Vision of love as main composer perfering studies.In 1988 first clasical composings in large forms ( Serenade Nympheas )
1991 second chance by Mariah and mum but not takable for technical reasons only.Lot of pop,hip hop,rock.In 1995 Jazz concert ready soon ethno sond and techno concert.in 1999 official acceptance of my piano concert adequat to Tschaikowsky Nr1 written in first version during my economics studies in Strasbourg Europe France,European second capital with parliament 1990-1992 by president European Parliament Nicole Fontaine officially by carta for EU.Meanwhile apart from more hiphop,rock,jazz,free and so on 4 Symphonies as good as Mozart,Violinconcert,Churchorganconcert,2 serenades,pianoconcert,ethno soundtrack concert,jaz concert,oratory,opera,musical heading for a own internet label if necessary doing also websites for other musicians with own small enterprise www.o-f-d.com.


www.oliver-frederic-dieck.com and more then those cds

Set List

No covers apart from Jazz version of as Israel was In Egypts Land