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Of Epic Proportion


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Arms Of Conformity

Written By: Vincent Howard

(VI)I see underneath all, the makeup, glamour, and money, is just a lost girl tryin to find her way back home.
She's in a halo with her wings clipped so no one can see, how much an angel she could be, but the fires' takin it's toll, her reputations grown, and the depths of darkness have overtaken her throne. Break!

(VII) Society doesn't just see another pretty face. It sees a dwelling place for another plastic queen. She's all alone in the rain now, waithing for someone to see, the bright side of this inhumanity, but she's thrown her life away, just to see if there are better days, and now in these lifeless arms she'll lay.

(Chorus) Breakdown! Facedown! Into, the arms of conformity, arms of conformity. Hold your head! Up high and say, this won't be the death of me, won't be the death of me. Not this time!

(VIII) Yea I see underneath all, the drinkin, pills , and the harlot, is just a mute girl tryin to find her way to be heard. She's got the voices in her head now and she's hoping she will be saved, by some longshot miracle, but we've overcast her shadow with our own messed up battles, but I wish I could make all this go away.

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(Bridge) She's always wonderin why, nothin ever's goin her way.
She's always wonderin why there's those certain shades of gray. (2x)

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