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Wrentham, MA | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Wrentham, MA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Indie




"Home BRU’d Sessions: Offbeat Motif"

At 7:30 on a cool Wednesday evening, Offbeat Motif strolled into the station, dressed mostly in black and ready to play. The four guys, based out of Wrentham, Mass., have been playing all around Providence and Boston since they came together last year. They describe themselves as a blend of rock, punk, surf and grunge—their music is aggressive but accessible, traditional without being tired.
They jump right into sound check, jamming and joking around as the BRU team plays around with the new lighting in studio. “I wrote three songs today” announces Connor, lead guitarist. Clearly, he’s on a roll. John, vocalist, jokingly expresses some doubt about his voice—but his bandmates quickly reassure him: “You are the songbird of the generation.” “He’s the male Mariah Carey!”
We’ll leave it to you, listeners, to judge whether or not he’s the male Mariah Carey—but the three songs played in studio were pretty darn good. The first song, “Pure and Ugly” features incredible riffs on the lead guitar and vocals ever so slightly reminiscent of Dan Auerbach. The second song swings in the punk direction, with some aggressive foot-stomping from John. Check out both, along with a third song and our classic “5 in 95” interview below!
Offbeat Motif has an opportunity to open the Earth Fest in Boston this year, and they need your help. Vote for them here! They’re also playing a show in Providence at Simmons 667 on July 16th. Tickets and more info are available at

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The debut eponymous EP Offbeat Motif from the band Offbeat Motif is a collage of styles blended into a garage rock strut. John Hanson’s vocals are a blend of Layne Staley, Michael Stipe and Rob Dickinson and the band has some convincing moments throughout. In general, they sound very tight together. The few trips here don’t detract from the songs and instead give the listener a sense of being in the rehearsal room/garage/basement with the band as they write these songs.

Stylistically the band moves around from the Nirvana-like grunge of “Citronella” to the alt-country stomp of “Backs Against The Wall” (complete with a fiddle solo). There are Pavement-like qualities in “Pure and Ugly” and some ‘60s southern California to “Come To The Surface.”

In general, although it’s a short EP with most of the songs clocking under four minutes, it would be interesting to hear some editing of some of the songs. By the time Hanson lets loose in “Come To The Surface” the song is reinvigorated with a passion after a solo-less instrumental passage and several verses that maintain the same energy. “Pure and Ugly” and “Citronella” are similar in that while they have great grooves, sometimes they stay in the same state for quite awhile.

The flip side of this is “Take Control,” which is the best song on the EP and finds a way to balance that energy and drive throughout. There’s some strong New Adventures In Hi-Fi era R.E.M. to it and the song really builds and soars throughout.

The album closes with “Yo-Yo,” borrowing the riff from Chicago’s “25 Or 6 To 4” as an intro before moving into a more pop punk direction. There are some strong backing vocals in the song that punctuate the hooks and a melodic quote from Weezer’s “The Sweater Song.” The guitar solo is ferocious, erupting from a chorus before moving into a surprise ska break with a “Barbara Ann” vocal breakdown.

Overall, Offbeat Motif sounds like they’re a terrific live band. The lyrics are clever and the band is tight. It would be nice to hear them let loose and be a little more energetic in the studio, on their debut EP (particularly on the two closing tracks). They certainly make a strong promise for more to come. - No More Division

"Indie Band Spotlight"

Time to spotlight another indie band! This time we’re taking a closer look at Boston-based indie rock band Offbeat Motif, who have recently released their new self-titled EP.

Offbeat Motif is a melodic, harmonious four piece rock band specializing in their blend of gritty classic rock, blues and alternative rock with pop, jam band, rap and punk themes; hence the name, they are eclectic. This band has consistently been packing bars at local shows and has begun playing in the Boston and Providence areas. With two songwriters, John Hanson and Matthew Giorgio, who also serve as the two singers, a lead guitarist, Connor Quigly, capable of mind-warping leads, and total pro drummer Ricky Giorgio (from disbanded Hardcore Rock band ‘Auburn’) Offbeat Motif is a band you should definitely check out if you’re in the Boston area! - Indie Minded

"Interview with John Hanson of Offbeat Motif"

This is a link to the audio from the interview. - WEMF Radio

"The Studio Cellar - Offbeat Motif interview"

This is a link to the audio! - The Studio Cellar

"Track Review: "Backs Against the Wall” by Offbeat Motif"

Boston, Massachusetts-based outfit Offbeat Motif (OM) released their first self-titled EP on April 17. They recorded tracks for the entire album during one day-long session (11 Hours) back in January with Toft Willingham of national touring act Spiritual Rez at 9B Studio in Milford, Massachusetts.

OM singer and guitarist, John Hanson, has been part of the open mic scene since age 15, and began hosting local open mic’s in 2011. During this time Hanson began forming a group with long-time friends. In May of 2012 Offbeat Motif was officially born. The core group of members is now: John Hanson (vocals and guitar), Connor Quigley (lead guitar, vocals), Ricky Giorgio (drums), and Matthew ‘Gravy’ Giorgio (bass, vocals). Common guests and past musicians of the group are: Mike Mullen (drums, one of the founders), Colon Kirwin (bass, one of our founders), Steve Cerrata (Lead guitar) and Jim Macguire (keys, sax).

Next on the agenda is to begin recording a full length album, featuring 12 brand new songs. They aim to record the whole thing at Hanson’s house studio, and release it in September 2015.

In other news, Hanson is also now a guitarist and songwriter in another band called The Daybreakers. They are in the process of recording their first album in his studio and they are planning to drive across the country on tour in September. - Music Artiste


Offbeat Motif EP - April 17, 2015

1. Pure & Ugly 2. Come to the Surface 3. Citronella 4. Take Control 5. Yo-Yo

Coming in 2016 - Offbeat Motif THINK EP

1. That's Fair 2. Night & Day 3. Take or Leave 4. Waiting for a Cue 5. Trenches 6 . Dying for a Try



OFFBEAT MOTIF has been featured on prominent FM stations 95.5 WBRU and 94.1 HJY and featured in Under the Radar Magazine New Artists to Watch Sampler in Spring 2015. Their eponymous EP, released in April 2015 has been described as "a blend of rock, punk, surf and grunge— their music is aggressive but accessible, traditional without being tired" (WBRU)  and "certainly make as strong promise for more to come." ( The foursome is based out of Wrentham, a tiny suburb town located between Boston and Providence. They've performed at famed Boston establishments The Middle East, Church, TT The Bears and Hard Rock Cafe as well as The Spot and AS220 in Providence, among hundreds of bar gigs. 

OFFBEAT MOTIF has announced the release of a new EP in 2016, and they are currently recording it at John Hanson's home studio, with tacking for bass and drums done at TRIAD Studios in Warren Rhode Island with Phil Greene and Tony Ricci. OFFBEAT MOTIF remains an independent band.


Vocals, Guitar, Songwriting / John Hanson
Guitar, Vocals / Connor Quigley
Bass, Vocals / Colin Kerwin
Drums / Mark Torchetti

Band Members