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"O.F.F GANG" music is a up tempo,bring the party to life kind of sound. Very crafty and witty with catchy hooks and melodies. We have a universal sounds which we believe will catch any ones ear who comes in contact with that "O.F.F GANG" sound.


"O.F.F GANG" is a group that consist of 4 band members from Harlem,NY. We came together out of a mutual respect and love for music. Being big on setting our own trends, we decide to embark on a movement that would influence people to be them selves and nothing like no one else. "O.F.F" being short for "Official Fly Fellas" symbolizes how fresh,appealing and original we are as a unit. Some of our biggest influences consist of Biggie,Tu pac,Mase,Big L,Jada kiss, The Lox,Marvin Gaye,Al Green etc. What sets us apart from everyone else is our drive our style and our ability to stay true to our selves and to what we know in this time where everyone else is being forced to conform.


Currently we have a single called "Check em out" that we have been performing through out the whole tri state area and as well as colleges.

Set List

"check em out" "campus love" "find me where the money @" "make it last"